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Position Name Email Site Since
Project Lead Cody Precord homepage 11/25/2005
Website Maintainer Cody Precord 08/20/06
Website Maintainer Dario Ghilardi (ingo86) 08/20/06


Name Contribution Email Site
DR0ID German Translation, CommentBrowser
Gaël Barrachon French Translation, Batch Script support for Launch
gasolin Traditional Chinese Translation
Gerard Petersen Dutch Translation, Testing
Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli Various patches
heccj Simplified Chinese Translation
JoNNeMaNN Norwegian Nynorsk Translation
Kevin D. Smith Projects Plugin
Kurt Schelin Application Icon
mustafa Turkish Translation
nilreb German Translation
Ofer Schwarz Misc Patches
quode OCaml Support for Launch
Raul Gonzalez Duque Spanish Translation
Rob McMullen Misc Patches homepage
Sergei Zivukov Russian Translation
Rudi Pettazzi Various Patches
slavOnic Russian Translation

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Project and Website Information:


Editra is created with and made possible by the following free technologies

  • Python is what Editra is written in.
  • wxPython makes up much of Editra's interface.
  • py2exe builds the Windows binaries.
  • py2app builds the OS X applets.
  • Pygments support library for codebrowser
  • NSIS is used to make the Windows installer.
  • Tango Are what many of the icons in Editra's default theme are derived from.


This site is best viewed using a modern browser. Such as one of the ones listed below.

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This website utilizes the following technologies.

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