Configure Spellcheck

Editra (>0.5.05) has support for spellchecking documents. Spellchecking is provided via libenchant. When enabled the spellchecker can indicate words that are possibly misspelled and provide suggestions via the right click menu.

Installing Enchant

These installation instructions are for getting spellchecking up and running on a source install of Editra.


1) Install MacPorts 2) Install Enchant using MacPorts
sudo port install aspell
sudo port install aspell-dict-en
sudo port install enchant
3) Install PyEnchant
easy_install pyenchant


1) Install PyEnchant Troubleshooting:

Here are some tips to help resolve some issues that can occure with enchant on Windows.

  1. When Starting Editra there is a Windows error dialog complaining about xxx.dll
    Try to copy all the dll's from your pyenchant install to the C:\Windows\system32 directory
  2. When using a binary install of Editra there are no dictionaries found.
    Check that there are no conflicting enchant dll's already installed on your path (such as above).


Using your package manager install the same packages as listed above for OSX


Options for configuring the behavior of how the spell checker works can be found in the Preferences Dialog.

1) Check as you type

Enabling this will enable spell checking to be done constantly as you type and will underline words that are misspelled.

2) Dictionary

List of installed spellchecking dictionaries.

3) Enchant Path

If spellchecking is not working on your system you may have to use this to specify the path to find libenchant at. If your spellchecking is working then it is suggested to not modify this setting.