Setup as a Python IDE


Editra by itself is a fairly powerful editor for Python with its built-in auto completion, syntax highlighting, and auto indentation support. This short guide is intended to help explain how to setup additional plugins and settings to configure Editra to act as a Python IDE.

If your a Python developer, I highly suggest installing Editra from source using the supplied script as opposed to installing the binary distributions. This way Editra will use the Python that is installed on your machine and will be able to provide much better auto completion support for all modules installed on your system. When installed as a binary Editra runs on its own self contained Python environment and will only be able to provide completions for the modules bundled into the binary.

Enable Plugins

Editra currently offers a few plugins to assist in turning it into a general purpose IDE. All of these plugins support python functionality as well as functionality for other languages as well. Use the Plugin Manager to install and enable the following plugins.

* denotes that this plugin is bundled with Editra so it just needs to be enabled

If you are unable to download plugins through the plugin manager form some reason, they are also available for download on the Plugins page of the website.

Configure Plugins

Now that each plugin has been installed and Enabled we need to do some minor configuration to make sure everything is working properly.

Launch Plugin

This plugin will allow you to launch and run your Python scripts from within Editra. To configure it for Python we simply need to make sure that the path to the Python executable on you system is set correctly in its configuration dialog. See the Launch Plugin overview for more details of this step.

Note about this plugin: It is intended for running and Viewing out put. It does not currently support interactive output.

PyShell Plugin

This plugin will add an interactive Python shell to Editra's Shelf. There is no configuration required for this plugin. To open it simply go to View=>Shelf=>PyShell in the menu. It supports autocompletion and calltips

CodeBrowser Plugin

This plugin provides a class and object browser for the current file. So you can quickly see and navigate class and function definitions in the buffer. It also requires no configuration and just needs to be shown to be used. To open this plugin simply to go View=>CodeBrowser in the menu.

Projects Plugin

This plugin provides simple file management as well as source control management for (SVN, CVS, Bazaar, and Git) source control systems. Some minor configuration may be required on your system to use this plugin to its fullest. See the Projects Plugin guide for more detailed information.

This plugin can be shown by going to View=>Projects in the menu.

Put it all together

With all these plugins enabled and active Editra can be transformed into a more full function IDE for Python and many more languages. A debugger plugin will be made available in the future as well.