Editra 0.4.40 Released

VERSION 0.4.40 DATE 01/02/2009 22nd Alpha Release NEWS:

This is the first release of 2009. It was mostly focused on internal cleanup and api refactoring. Through this a number of bugs have been fixed and a number of existing features have received some refinements. The most notable changes are listed below.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Some improvements to the Python autocompletion.
  • +Comment/Uncomment are now combined into a single toggle action (modified patch from Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli).
  • +When mixed eol characters are detected a dialog warning of it is now shown, that offers to convert them instead of toggling on eol visibility as it previously did, since this was found to be confusing to many.
  • +Add option to enable/disable checking of eol characters.
  • +Add menu shortcut for toggle fold.
  • +Add a verbose debug mode for view stack tracebacks in editra log messages.
  • +Updated (Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish) Translations.
  • +Reuse existing find results screens more effectively.
  • +New version of Launch with support for R.
  • +Fix find options not properly being syncronized between dialog and find bar.
  • +Fix event handlers not properly getting connected when going from 2 -> 1 open windows.
  • +Fix eol mode settings in preferences.
  • +Fix search bar text not being colored properly on msw/gtk.
  • +Fix window not being raised from taskbar when opening file with 'Open with...'
  • +Fix drag and drop error for instlling plugins through plugin manager.