Editra 0.4.20 released

VERSION 0.4.20 DATE 12/12/2008 19th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release fixes a number of of bugs and general stability issues introduced from the last few rounds of feature enhancements. In addition to these bug fixes a few new features such as a column edit mode and more improvements to the text searching features have been added.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Add shortcut for Find Previous
  • +Column edit mode
  • +New version of Launch plugin (Run last executed program)
  • +Read Only indicators on tabs
  • +Add support for Progress 4GL
  • +Middle click can close tabs in Shelf
  • +Add custom highlighting for Issue Lists (from Torsten Mohr)
  • +Report number of files searched when doing a Find in Files
  • +Improve performance of Find All.
  • +Add ability to filter file type to Find in Files.
  • +Add commandline option to run Editra in the hotshot profiler.
  • +Numerous minor performance improvements.
  • +Add Swedish translation (by Peter Magnusson)
  • +Middle click closes the tab that was clicked on and not the active tab.
  • +Fix Find dialog not preserving order of lookin choices.
  • +Fix searching in folded text not being exposed during search.
  • +Fix random jumping to top/bottom of file during incremental search.
  • +Fix text Drag n Drop not working on Windows.
  • +Don't show Python auto-comp choices after numbers.
  • +Fix file modified indicator not being hidden after saving file.
  • +Fix number of bugs with opening files from filebrowser on gtk versions.
  • +Fix statusbar line column number not being updated when clicking on. Find Results links.
  • +Fix drag and drop of text not scrolling window as the mouse is moved towards top or bottom of buffer.
  • +Fix some python2.4 compatibility issues.