Editra 0.4.0 Released

VERSION 0.4.0 DATE 11/23/2008 17th Alpha Release


On Macintosh and Windows the user configuration files have moved to more platform specific locations. This transition should should happen automatically but if there are any problems follow the onscreen instructions to manually transition your preference settings to the new location. See the changelog below for the details of other major changes.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +User configuration files are now kept at standard platform locations
  • +Support for multiple views of the same file
  • +Improved Python auto-indenter (patch from Ofer Schwarz)
  • +Show auto-completion choices with Ctrl+Space (patch from Ofer Schwarz)
  • +Add Paste After command (patch from Dario Ghilardi)
  • +Report number of matches that were replaced in a Replace All action
  • +Expand groups when doing a regular expression search and replace
  • +Add (Polish, Slovenian, Latvian) translations
  • +New version of PyShell. Supports custom styles.
  • +Middle click closes tabs (patch from craig.ds)
  • +Double click empty tab area opens new tab (patch from craig.ds)
  • +Add support for VBScript
  • +Improved text drag and drop
  • +Fix encoding errors when loading plugins on some systems
  • +Fix not being able to cut and copy from Shelf windows
  • +Fix bug in selecting Cancel when prompted to save modifications that would cause the editor to block paint events and appear frozen.
  • +Ctrl+W properly closes the active window instead of always defaulting to the tab of the top MainWindow.
  • +Fix not being able to search for strings with '.' in them in non-regex mode
  • +Fix bug in Launch output sometimes missing output data
  • +Fix inaccurate highlighting of words when doing incremental whole word search
  • +Fix regex not working with '^' (patch from craig.ds)
  • +Fix bug in populating quick finds search history menu
  • +Fix bug where selecting cancel when closing a tab would not cancel the action