Editra 0.7.20 Released

VERSION 0.7.20
DATE 01/05/2013
53rd Alpha Release

NEW: [features/enhancements]

  • +Extended CSS highlighting support. Near complete support for CSS3.
  • +Updated FileBrowser plugin to version 2.2 (bug fixes)


  • +Handle error in style manager when default font face name is unknown.
  • +Fix unwanted/invalid completion issue in HTML autocompletion for open brackets on lines with tabs in them.
  • +Fix PyDeadObject that could occur during reload file request.
  • +Fix crash that could occur during formatting of log messages.
  • +Handle PyDeadObject error that could occur when changing tab icons
  • +Don't handle Shift+Delete as forward delete on OSX (issue 721)
  • +Fix caret bouncing in TextCtrls on Windows (issue 664)
  • +Fix PyDeadObject errors related to notebook in multiple windows.
  • +Fix assertions caused by right clicks in certain areas of tree controls.
  • +Fix Line End command not working correctly in some cases on OSX.