Editra 0.7.08 Released

VERSION 0.7.08
DATE 07/15/2012
51st Alpha Release

NEW: [features/enhancements]

  • +New version of FileBrowser Plugin version 2.0. Nearly a complete re-write of
    the main part of the plugin to use a new file view. Adds ability to turn editor
    tab synchronization on and off. Adds configuration for filtering files out of the
    view and new configuration for showing hidden files.
  • +Choose directory dialog from Find Dialog will now automatically expand to the directory of the
    current file.
  • +Update embedded aui


  • +Fix major and apparently very long standing issue on Windows systems where
    application profiles were not getting updated correctly and settings would get
    lost between updates.
  • +Fix issues with sessions not getting updated properly under some use cases.
  • +Fix crash condition that could occur when reload of file fails.
  • +Fix file encoding detection issue that some systems experienced.
  • +Fix UTF-16 decoding issues / regressions due to change in behavior between
    python2.6 and 2.7.
  • +Fix error caused by empty file names getting into the file history which
    could cause startup failures.
  • +Fix crash in Find in Directory that could occur due to threaded access to GetTranslation.