Editra 0.3.90 Released

VERSION 0.3.90
DATE 11/03/2008
16th Alpha Release


This is primarly a bug fix release which fixes a number of bugs. A few new features and improvements have also been added to improve usability. This is also the first release to be compatible with Python 2.6.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Python 2.6 compatibility
  • +Updated CodeBrowser with support for C++ and D
  • +Updated Launch plugin with support for D
  • +Add option for enable/disable regex search in quick find bar
  • +Automatically expire status bar info messages after 10 seconds
  • +Persist 5 most recent search locations between sessions
  • +Add option to auto-trim trailing whitespace when saving file
  • +Add Valencian translation
  • +New version of Launch (add support for D)
  • +Improved OSX cursor movement keybinding compliance (patch from Joe Strout)
  • +Improved search output window to include search term and options in output

  • +Fix case where encoding can be None in when initializing the preference dialog
  • +Fix some issues with switching search direction
  • +F3 causing search to skip every other match when search bar has focus
  • +Fix bug in updating status after a conrol object was already deleted
  • +Fix bug related to ? being in keyword helper lists for some languages
  • +Handle invalid regular expressions in find dialog
  • +Fix a number of bugs in the new Find All search features
  • +Fix not being able to open files mounted to /Volumes on OSX
  • +Fix issue of window scrolling horizontally when restoring cursor position