Editra 0.6.99 Released

VERSION 0.6.99
DATE 03/17/2012
48th Alpha Release


Haven't had much time to work on Editra lately so thought I would release the
changes that have been integrated since previous release. Main improvements
in this release are better handling of large files, improved Unicode handling,
and improved find performance. See changelog below for more details.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Major performance improvements to Replace All action
  • +Backup file suffix can be customized (patch from dkuhlman)
  • +Moderate improvements to performance of working with large files.
  • +Improved support for R programming language.
  • +SingleInstanceChecker temp file moved from home directory to system temp directory.
  • +Add option to preferences for configuring the preferred caret width (1-4 pixels).
  • +Support Block caret for Vi emulation mode (requires wxPython 2.9)


  • +Add InfoBar control for providing simple information messages without having to show a modal dialog.


  • +Fix minor control sizing issue in ControlBars created by ControlBox.CreateControlBar on GTK/MSW.
  • +Fix issue with Unicode normalization in search.
  • +Fix in buffer search operations to work better for Unicode by working around issues where StyledTextCtrl expects UTF-8 byte offsets for some methods (SetSelection, GetSelection, ...)
  • +Fix saved search flags not being propagated properly after application restart.
  • +Fix Calltip shortcut not working correctly due to incorrect lookup string being sent down to completer when character to left of cursor was a paren.
  • +Fix bug that could result in data loss when saving a file when all encodings failed.
  • +Fix MemoryError that could occur when saving large files.
  • +Fix some UTF-16 handling issues on Linux.