Editra 0.6.89 Released

VERSION 0.6.89
DATE 12/17/2011
47th Alpha Release


This release adds support for highlighting some new file types and some minor
improvements to the auto-completions support. The Python auto-completion has been
improved to better handle updating when external modules that are analyzed
from import statements have changed during runtime as well as improvements to
the handling of properties and member attributes.

In addition to the features listed above there has been some library and
framework enhancements to help support future plugin development.

For details about additional changes and bug fixes please see the complete
changelog below.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Improved Python auto-completion
  • +Add ability to customize spelling dictionary and behavior. Can now Ignore spellings (per session) or Add words to the dictionary (permanent). Optional feature only available when pyenchant is installed.
  • +Add partial support for CSS3 highlighting.
  • +Add support for GLSL programming language (patch from Auria)
  • +Auto-completion configuration (on/off) now only applies to completions that are provided automatically. Completions can always be requested with the auto-completion shortcut keys.
  • +Add partial Catalan, Eseranto, Farsi, Georgian, and Maylay translations.


  • +Add new themed art resource for New Folder
  • +Minor extensions to file utility functions (AddFileExtension)
  • +Add DirectoryMonitor class to ebmlib to provide notifications to changes to files in a directory.


  • +Fix middle mouse button not closing correct tab when notebook view has been split.
  • +Fix some Unicode handling issues related to startup paths.
  • +Fix error case in updating session storage schema from older versions of application.
  • +Fix file filters not working with find in current directory option.
  • +Fix text selection foreground color in OutputBuffer derived windows.
  • +Fix issue with some style sheets not being able to be loaded in StyleEditor on case sensitive file systems.
  • +Fix some minor cosmetic issues when running under GTK.
  • +Fix crash that could occur during shutdown under some cases when a find dialog was open.