Editra 0.6.76 Released

VERSION 0.6.76
DATE 10/01/2011
45th Alpha Release


New in this release is the new Session Manager bar for managing editing sessions.
Along with the Session Manager the session feature has had a change to its
behavior, only the Default session will automatically update. All other custom
sessions require explicit saves to configure the set of files that belong in it.
See the changelog below for details of other changes and bug fixes that are
included in this release.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Allow scrolling of the buffer from within the search bar with up/down keys.
  • +Can now change lexer from status bar context menu.
  • +Session management feature behavior has been changed in this release. When using
    custom sessions they will not automatically be saved as new files are opened or
    when the editor is closed. They must now be saved manually. Only the builtin
    'Default' session will retain the automatic behavior.
  • +Support folding docstrings in Python source code.
  • +Add Command Bar for managing editing sessions, default key binding of Ctrl+K.
  • +Add Delete All button to Bookmark manager Shelf window.
  • +Add close all option to shelf tab right click menu.
  • +New version of Launch Plugin (Bug fixes)
  • +New version of CodeBrowser (Python enhancements / wxPython 2.9 bug fixes)


  • +Add FileTree class to eclib.
  • +Add FactoryMixin mixin class to ebmlib to simplify implementing factories for
  • +Add new icon resource for Delete All (ID_DELETE_ALL).
  • +Add Freezer context manager class to eclib.


  • +Fix PyDeadObject error when opening new window from tab menu.
  • +Fix selection background not being shown when selecting whitespace when the
    buffers show whitespace option is turned on.
  • +Fix Select All not working in search bar.
  • +Fix issue during shutdown when IPC server isn't running.
  • +Fix loading custom key profiles that have duplicate entries.
  • +Fix handling the toggling of Maximize/Restore editor for some workflows so that
    the view is correctly toggled back and forth for all cases.
  • +Fix display issues when scrolling on GTK caused by overlay scrollbars.
  • +Fix issue with some obsolete plugins being shown in plugin manager download window.
  • +Fix issue with initial search from Find dialog always beginning at position
    zero instead of the current caret position.
  • +Fix some inconsistencies with doing incremental searches and behavior when
    the search direction is changed for a find next action.
  • +Fix failure to detect correct syntax highlighting when extension manager
    had mappings with upper or mixed case letter.
  • +Fix some incorrect tab selection index issues when notebook was split.