Editra 0.6.58 Released

VERSION 0.6.58
DATE 07/23/2011
44th Alpha Release


This is a minor bug fix release that includes a number of fixes for when running on Linux under GTK.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Updated all translations from launchpad site
  • +Add right click menu to Shelf tab area to open Shelf items.
  • +UI Display font setting is now more uniformly applied across the interface.
  • +Use more understated style for brace matching in default style.


  • +Fix PlateButton size being incorrectly calculated on GTK.


  • +Fix crash in handling corrupt style sheet data
  • +Fix frame title not updating correctly when only one tab is open on Linux.
  • +Partial fix for screen flashing issue on Linux when using dark syntax
    highlighting themes. Need to turn off code folding to stop the flashing.
  • +Fix tab context menu option for Close and Close All not working on Linux.
  • +Fix minor defect in OSX document icon (patch from auria)
  • +Fix GTK warning messages during startup on Linux.
  • +Fix missing definition of error_style for Guepardo syntax theme.
  • +Fix Unicode handling issue in xml handling for ipc server.
  • +Fix To Upper/Lower command not working with some characters.
  • +Properly handle searches with precomposed and decomposed Unicode data.
  • +Fix tab icon setting not being applied after restart.
  • +Fix toolbar when running under wxPython2.9 on OSX.