Python Ideas Generator

Packt Publishing (the publisher of the wxPython Cookbook) is currently accepting input for new ideas for Python programming books that you would like to see published. New ideas can be submitted through an open Google Moderator site that has been set up to allow anyone to submit new ideas and vote on existing ones posted by others. This is a good and simple opportunity to have your voice heard on what kind of topic(s) Packt should cover in their future Python books.

Quoted information from Packt:

Let us know if there are any areas of Python which you think would make a great book.
The books may be about using Python with certain tools, frameworks, or just doing cool things with pure Python programming.
If there is an area of Python that you love, or that you want to learn about, let us know and we could create a book all about it!
To see what books Python Packt already has to offer, take a look at our online bookstore:­python