Editra 0.6.48 Released

VERSION 0.6.48
DATE 05/14/2011
43rd Alpha Release

This release contains some notable improvements to the Python autocompletion support. It is more accurate and capable of producing results under more scenarios then before. These improvements also extend to the the calltip support.

Big change in source distributions in this release as well. The primary launch script is now all lower case. So where as before you would run 'Editra' it is now standardized on 'editra' to fix a number of long running issues and confusion with the script that is installed by the wxPython tools package.

For the complete change history please refer to the below changelog.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +Improved Python autocompletion, better detect local variables, properties, and some minor performance improvements.
  • +Improved Python calltips. Calltips can now be shown more regularly and for more objects.
  • +Launch script for source installs is now a lower case 'editra'.
  • +Source install on Windows now overwrites launch script installed by wxPython
  • for Editra to allow the separately installed version to be started.
  • +Expanded unittest suite to verify data in all bundled style sheets.
  • +Shelf window can now be maximized.
  • +Updated Launch to version 1.11 (bug fixes)
  • +Update CodeBrowser to version 1.3 (minor enhancements)
  • +Add LintError and LintWarning markers.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when loading old format style sheet
  • +Fix bug in threaded file load that could lead to modified marker being incorrectly shown on the tab for the file.
  • +Fix crash that could occur under rare case when closing an editor page.
  • +Fix bug in preferences where clicking Cancel on changing the font could still result in the change being accepted.