Editra 0.4.40 Released

VERSION 0.4.40 DATE 01/02/2009 22nd Alpha Release NEWS:

This is the first release of 2009. It was mostly focused on internal cleanup and api refactoring. Through this a number of bugs have been fixed and a number of existing features have received some refinements. The most notable changes are listed below.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Some improvements to the Python autocompletion.
  • +Comment/Uncomment are now combined into a single toggle action (modified patch from Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli).
  • +When mixed eol characters are detected a dialog warning of it is now shown, that offers to convert them instead of toggling on eol visibility as it previously did, since this was found to be confusing to many.
  • +Add option to enable/disable checking of eol characters.
  • +Add menu shortcut for toggle fold.
  • +Add a verbose debug mode for view stack tracebacks in editra log messages.
  • +Updated (Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish) Translations.
  • +Reuse existing find results screens more effectively.
  • +New version of Launch with support for R.
  • +Fix find options not properly being syncronized between dialog and find bar.
  • +Fix event handlers not properly getting connected when going from 2 -> 1 open windows.
  • +Fix eol mode settings in preferences.
  • +Fix search bar text not being colored properly on msw/gtk.
  • +Fix window not being raised from taskbar when opening file with 'Open with...'
  • +Fix drag and drop error for instlling plugins through plugin manager.

Editra 0.4.28 Released

VERSION 0.4.28 DATE 12/20/2009 21st Alpha Release NEWS:

This is yet another quick turnaround bug fix release. The previous build had an issue with some missing files in the source packages. This release also adds the new pane navigator feature to make it easy to move from panel to panel with the keyboard.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Keyboard navigation of MainWindow panes (OSX: Alt+Tab, Others:Alt+1). (modified patch from Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli).
  • +Fix search string not getting set from buffer selection in search bar.
  • +Fix error when clicking Regular Expression in Search Bar.
  • +Add some missing sql keywords.

Notice about 0.4.25 source bundles

There was an error in the build process that omitted some files from the 0.4.25 release source bundles that cause them not to run. The binary packages are not affected. Another release will be put together in the next couple days to correct the issue with the broken tarballs. Till that time either continue to use 0.4.20 or grab the code from the svn repository.

Editra 0.4.25 Released

VERSION 0.4.25 DATE 12/17/2008 20th Alpha Release NEWS:

This is another quick turnaround release to fix some fairly critical bugs in the previous release.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Some autocompletion behavior improvements
  • +Some minor ui changes to the command bar
  • +Fix find in files where if the filter was empty no files were searched.
  • +Fix error in Find All where incorrect search flag parameters were set.
  • +Fix Find/Replace not working.
  • +Buffer context menu now works correctly on gtk version.
  • +Fix column mode keybinding on windows.
  • +Unicode fixes

Editra 0.4.20 released

VERSION 0.4.20 DATE 12/12/2008 19th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release fixes a number of of bugs and general stability issues introduced from the last few rounds of feature enhancements. In addition to these bug fixes a few new features such as a column edit mode and more improvements to the text searching features have been added.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Add shortcut for Find Previous
  • +Column edit mode
  • +New version of Launch plugin (Run last executed program)
  • +Read Only indicators on tabs
  • +Add support for Progress 4GL
  • +Middle click can close tabs in Shelf
  • +Add custom highlighting for Issue Lists (from Torsten Mohr)
  • +Report number of files searched when doing a Find in Files
  • +Improve performance of Find All.
  • +Add ability to filter file type to Find in Files.
  • +Add commandline option to run Editra in the hotshot profiler.
  • +Numerous minor performance improvements.
  • +Add Swedish translation (by Peter Magnusson)
  • +Middle click closes the tab that was clicked on and not the active tab.
  • +Fix Find dialog not preserving order of lookin choices.
  • +Fix searching in folded text not being exposed during search.
  • +Fix random jumping to top/bottom of file during incremental search.
  • +Fix text Drag n Drop not working on Windows.
  • +Don't show Python auto-comp choices after numbers.
  • +Fix file modified indicator not being hidden after saving file.
  • +Fix number of bugs with opening files from filebrowser on gtk versions.
  • +Fix statusbar line column number not being updated when clicking on. Find Results links.
  • +Fix drag and drop of text not scrolling window as the mouse is moved towards top or bottom of buffer.
  • +Fix some python2.4 compatibility issues.

Editra 0.4.01 Released

VERSION 0.4.01 DATE 11/24/2008 18th Alpha Release


Quick Bug fix release to fix some configuration related bugs where language settings would not be loaded.


  • +Language settings not being loaded
  • +Running Editra from command line on Mac/Linux would not load some config settings.

Editra 0.4.0 Released

VERSION 0.4.0 DATE 11/23/2008 17th Alpha Release


On Macintosh and Windows the user configuration files have moved to more platform specific locations. This transition should should happen automatically but if there are any problems follow the onscreen instructions to manually transition your preference settings to the new location. See the changelog below for the details of other major changes.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +User configuration files are now kept at standard platform locations
  • +Support for multiple views of the same file
  • +Improved Python auto-indenter (patch from Ofer Schwarz)
  • +Show auto-completion choices with Ctrl+Space (patch from Ofer Schwarz)
  • +Add Paste After command (patch from Dario Ghilardi)
  • +Report number of matches that were replaced in a Replace All action
  • +Expand groups when doing a regular expression search and replace
  • +Add (Polish, Slovenian, Latvian) translations
  • +New version of PyShell. Supports custom styles.
  • +Middle click closes tabs (patch from craig.ds)
  • +Double click empty tab area opens new tab (patch from craig.ds)
  • +Add support for VBScript
  • +Improved text drag and drop
  • +Fix encoding errors when loading plugins on some systems
  • +Fix not being able to cut and copy from Shelf windows
  • +Fix bug in selecting Cancel when prompted to save modifications that would cause the editor to block paint events and appear frozen.
  • +Ctrl+W properly closes the active window instead of always defaulting to the tab of the top MainWindow.
  • +Fix not being able to search for strings with '.' in them in non-regex mode
  • +Fix bug in Launch output sometimes missing output data
  • +Fix inaccurate highlighting of words when doing incremental whole word search
  • +Fix regex not working with '^' (patch from craig.ds)
  • +Fix bug in populating quick finds search history menu
  • +Fix bug where selecting cancel when closing a tab would not cancel the action

Editra 0.3.90 Released

VERSION 0.3.90
DATE 11/03/2008
16th Alpha Release


This is primarly a bug fix release which fixes a number of bugs. A few new features and improvements have also been added to improve usability. This is also the first release to be compatible with Python 2.6.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Python 2.6 compatibility
  • +Updated CodeBrowser with support for C++ and D
  • +Updated Launch plugin with support for D
  • +Add option for enable/disable regex search in quick find bar
  • +Automatically expire status bar info messages after 10 seconds
  • +Persist 5 most recent search locations between sessions
  • +Add option to auto-trim trailing whitespace when saving file
  • +Add Valencian translation
  • +New version of Launch (add support for D)
  • +Improved OSX cursor movement keybinding compliance (patch from Joe Strout)
  • +Improved search output window to include search term and options in output

  • +Fix case where encoding can be None in when initializing the preference dialog
  • +Fix some issues with switching search direction
  • +F3 causing search to skip every other match when search bar has focus
  • +Fix bug in updating status after a conrol object was already deleted
  • +Fix bug related to ? being in keyword helper lists for some languages
  • +Handle invalid regular expressions in find dialog
  • +Fix a number of bugs in the new Find All search features
  • +Fix not being able to open files mounted to /Volumes on OSX
  • +Fix issue of window scrolling horizontally when restoring cursor position