New Server Fund Raising


As many may have noticed the site has become very slow and has been down from time to time in an increasing fashion over the last year. This is due to an ever increasing amount of traffic that is coming to the site. The increased traffic is a good thing but on the negative it makes the site nearly impossible to use on busy days.

For these reasons I am hoping to get some help to raise some funding to move the site to a vps from the current shared server. A vps is unfortunately a little more money than I feel comfortably forking out for on my own so before making this move I would like to raise about 2 years of server fees put away before hand. This means I would like to try and raise about $1200 to help keep the project running smoothly for the next two years.

Any support that can be provided would be much appreciated and would further go to improve the project.

Editra 0.4.95 Released

VERSION 0.4.95 DATE 06/22/2009 27th Alpha Release NEWS:

Had planned to wait till 0.5 was ready before doing another release but there have been too many good enhancements added due to all the great patches submitted during this cycle to wait for the last push to 0.5 to complete before releasing.

Some of the main new features include buffer synchronization with the codebrowserplugin, completely re-worked vi emulation support, position history, and clipboard ring. See below for more detailed list of changes.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Clipboard history feature, can now cycle through recent clipboard entries when pasting text into the document.
  • +Add automatic file backup option to periodically backup buffer contents.
  • +Add Search/Replace in selection option to find dialog.
  • +Remembers recent caret positions between jumps and allows for quick navigation between them.
  • +Patch from (Hasan Aljudy) to show cwd and add e! command to commandbar
  • +Automatically show path completion list when doing an e or cd command.
  • +Display the documents EOL mode in the status bar.
  • +Add support for XText (patch from Igor Dejanovic).
  • +Support XText in Codebrowser (patch from Igor Dejanovic).
  • +Complete re-write of vi emulation support (patch from Hasan Aljudy)
  • +Add option to start in Normal mode by default when using vi emulation (patch from Hasan Aljudy).
  • +Codebrowser synchronizes with caret position. (patch from Igor Dejanovic)
  • +Find dialog remembers last position throughout session.
  • +Add support for the Cobra programming language.
  • +Support opening files by a uri.
  • +Add Croatian translation, updated (Brazilian, French, and Russian).
  • +Fix python autocomp from failing when word was next to a boundry character.
  • +Don't do a replace when there is no selection.
  • +Fix number of minor bugs related to finding accented characters.
  • +Fix bug in batch file comment command, ensure a space is between 'rem' and the comment text.
  • +Fix bug on Windows that could cause an unhandled exception error when closing the preferences dialog after closing the last main window.
  • +Fix regression in html autocomp where cursor position would be incorrectly placed after the inserted tag.
  • +Fix Launch not updating after a Save As on Linux.
  • +Fix unicode handling error in session file saving.
  • +Fix Editra Style Sheet output from Style Editor to be in sorted order.
  • +Fix improper highlighting in django and mako templates due to improper handling of Windows eol characters.

Projects Plugin 1.2 Released

The latest version of the Projects plugin is now available. This is another quick bug fix release to fix a critical bug on Windows. This bug would cause a crash when right clicking to open the source control menu in the projects tree. Besides this fix there is a minor fix for unicode handling in the Mercurial history log feature.

Downloads available in the Plugin manager and all the other usual places.

Editra 0.4.88 Released

VERSION 0.4.88 DATE 05/02/2009 26th Alpha Release NEWS:

Quick bug fix release for settings not being able to be saved on a new install. This must have been a fairly long standing bug, it didn't affect upgrade installs just fresh installs that did not have an existing configuration.

  • +Fix major issue with profile not being properly initialized on a new install that would cause settings to not be saved.
  • +Fix attribute error that could occur with extended autocomp (patch from cowo)
  • +Properly escape text in body of Error Reporter message so that it is a proper link for webbrower to open.

Projects Plugin 1.0/1.1 Released

The Projects plugin version 1.0 was released yesterday and just now 1.1 was released. The 1.1 release contains an important bug fix for the Windows version that would prevent the plugin from loading. Release notes for Projects Plugin version 1.0/1.1: New: +Add Search in directory shortcut to tree context menu. +Enhanced command dialog for executing source control commands. +Api compatibility fixes. +Dialog to show output from a SourceControl update command. Bug Fixes: +Fix incorrect status of BZR files when execute bit is changed. +Fix some incorrectly listed status of directories under a GIT repo. +Fix Source Control window's Revert button not working.

Editra 0.4.85 Released

VERSION 0.4.85 DATE 04/26/2009 25th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release includes some important bug fixes and performance improvements for when loading large files (10MB+). In addition to this there are some new and improved vi commands as well as some alternate default key binding profiles. Hopefully this will be the last release of the 0.4 series as things are shaping up for the 0.5 development cycle. For further details on this release please review the following release notes.

Please also note that if you are using the Projects plugin that you wil also need to update it to the newly released 1.0 version due to some api changes that make 0.9 incompatible with this release of Editra.

NEW: [features/improvments]
  • +Greatly improved performance of loading large files.
  • +Add Count feature to find dialog for counting number of matches in a buffer.
  • +Add Vim find char motions (patch from hasan.aljudy).
  • +Add Vim bookmarks and navigation (patch from hasan.aljudy).
  • +Add support for the Groovy programming language (patch from omar.gomez).
  • +Add new syntax style sheet Guepardo (patch from omar.gomez).
  • +Add support for loading installation provided key profiles.
  • +Add VisualStudio keybindings option (from Vivian).
  • +Updater is only available if user account running program has access permissions to the install directory.
  • +New version of FileBrowser plugin. (adds search in directory option).
  • +Add option for extended autocompletion to include results from the simple completer in with results.
  • +Add support for showing images in the autocompletion popup list.
  • +Fix Launch config not properly being initialized when config panel accessed from plugin dialog for first time.
  • +Fix command entry listing of paths (patch from hasan.aljudy).
  • +Fix autocompletion for when accented characters are in the command string (modified patch from roman.chyla).
  • +Fix some unicode handling issues in search/replace. (patch from roman.chyla)
  • +Fix number of printout rendering issues.
  • +Update readonly status when permissions change on disk.
  • +Fix error in moving a tab from one window to another when the tab was the only tab left in the window it was moved from. (filebrowser bug).
  • +Fix condition where saving the session file could potentially potentially be passed the incorrect type.
  • +Fix error in loading files that have an improper magic encoding comment.

Notice: Editra 0.4.75 / Launch Plugin

There was a small bug that many seem to have found when clicking on the configuration button for the Launch plugin for the current release. This is a harmless error that has already been corrected. It results from having an empty configuration that was not properly pre-loaded on new installs when accessing the configuration from the new plugin manager dialog.

The work around for the current release is very simple:

  1. Enable Launch plugin in the plugin manager
  2. Restart Editra
  3. View=>Shelf=>Launch (open a Launch window)
  4. The configuration dialog will be accessable now.

A new release will be out soon that includes the fixed version of that plugin.

Editra 0.4.75 Released

VERSION 0.4.75 DATE 03/28/2009 24th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release fixes a handful of important bugs and new features. The Plugin Manager dialog has been completely reworked. Configuration options for plugins that provide them are now available in the dialog as well as better error reporting for plugins that could not properly be loaded.

File session support has also been improved to allow for saving and loading of multiple custom sessions. Due to format changes the upgrade will require any session from previous installations to be overwritten.

NEW: [features/enhancments]
  • +New Plugin Manager Dialog.
  • +Improved configuration options for plugins.
  • +Incompatible plugins are now displayed in PluginManager with message explaining why.
  • +Some basic autocompletion support for CSS.
  • +Improved support for sessions. Multiple custom sessions can not be saved and reloaded (modified code from Erik Tollerud).
  • +Add shortcut for LineDelete to delete line without modifying clipboard.
  • +Add option for automatically reloading files when they have changed on disk.
  • +Remember last save location when opening save as dialog.
  • +Fix incorrect page count shown in print previews.
  • +Remember print settings throughout session and for every frame.
  • +Fix error when doing Copy Path from tab right click menu.
  • +Fix incorrectly showing autocompletion options under some cases in php files.
  • +Fix condition where window could be placed at (0, 0) on OSX which causes the frame to be placed behind the menubar.
  • +Fix improper detection of when to auto-unindent in Python files.
  • +Fix Python auto-indent from incorrectly inserting space when the cursor is in the indentation space of a line.
  • +Fix Close All option in tab context menu not working on GTK.
  • +Fix Codebrowser not refreshing when files are opened from the file dialog on Linux.
  • +Fix error that could occur while trying to save filehistory on exit.
  • +Fix toolbar not resizing properly when changing icon size on osx.
  • +Fix error in highlighing of DTD.
  • +Fix titlebar showing incorrect text for untitled files.

Notice: OSX Lockups

When an older version of Editra on OSX (< 0.4.40) detects an update during startup it can cause the program to lockup when the update window is shown. This has been fixed in newer releases, if you are or have experienced this issue during the program startup it can be fixed by simply downloading and installing the latest release version from the Downloads Page.

Editra 0.4.65 Released

VERSION 0.4.65 DATE 02/20/2009 23rd Alpha Release NEWS:

This release contains a large number of bug fixes and improvements. Most notably there has been a fair amount of work done on the autocompletions support. All file types now have support for some basic word completion help. HTML and XML now have support for smart input assistance and completion tips.

NEW: [features/improvments]
  • +Add autocompletion support for HTML/XML documents.
  • +Instantly start searching for selected text (Win/Lin Ctrl+F3, OSX Cmd+3)
  • +Launch adds support for OCaml (patch from quode),Batch scripts (patch from GaÎl), and LaTex.
  • +Shortcut for maximizing/minimizing the editor pane (patch from Rudi Pettazzi)
  • +Add menu entry for Fold All action (patch from Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli)
  • +Codebrowser adds support for XML/HTML (patch from Rudi Pettazzi)
  • +Codebrowser adds support for Vala, VBScript
  • +Some minor changes to the default hightlighting style. The old default is now called Cream.
  • +Add simple generic autocompleter that provides completions based off of words in the current buffer (Ctrl+Space). (patch from Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli)
  • +Add Move Tab to New Window option on tab context menu.
  • +Keyword helper functionality moved into the simple completer.
  • +Update window being shown at same time as splash window causing lockups.
  • +Fix trim trailing whitespace from getting the wrong text position when certain unicode characters are present.
  • +Add some missing JavaScript keywords (patch from Rudi Pettazzi)
  • +Fix groups not being expanded on a regex replace action.
  • +Fix Cmd+Shift+Left/Right not selecting line on osx.
  • +Fix Comment command not working on Latex documents
  • +Fix some unicode errors in the log system.
  • +Fix platform detection for some components when running on Vista.
  • +Fix indentation guides preference not properly being applied on restart.
  • +Fix transparency settings not being set on Linux.
  • +Add some missing PHP keywords (patch from Giuseppe "Cowo" Corbelli)
  • +Fix Display Font preference not being applied.
  • +Fix error in handling modification event callbacks for mutiple file views.
  • +Fix text being shown behind busy indicator in status bar while it is busy.
  • +Fix application crashes that could happen on Linux when compiz is being used.
  • +Fix autocomp window not being hidden when switching tabs.