Windows Installer 0.5.15

The windows installer (.exe) for version 0.5.15 has an issue where it puts the files for the spell checking in the wrong place. The spell checking still works but the files interfere with the subprocess module so things like Launch and source control commands in the Projects plugin will appear to do nothing. This can be worked around by removing the following files from your installation path (i.e C:\Program Files\Editra) * All .py and .pyc files iconv.dll intl.dll libenchant.dll libglib-2.0-0.dll libgmodule-2.0-0.dll This will of course cause the spell checking feature to become disabled.

Editra 0.5.15 Released

VERSION 0.5.15 DATE 10/31/2009 30th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release contains a a large number of internal changes. New features include the ability to customize syntax highlighting and add new file type support through xml files. Spell checking is now also supported through the use of the enchant spell checking library.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Syntax highlighting can be extended and overridden by user defined extensions.
  • +Spell checking support (requires enchant)
  • +Plugins can now be un-installed through plugin manager.
  • +Add support for STATA (patch from Jean Eid).
  • +New api for plugins and other clients to customize buffer context menu.
  • +New profile api's for registering for notifications of profile changes.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when loading some binary data into buffer.
  • +Return unique sorted list of terms when using extended autocomp.
  • +Fix some color issues when running under GTK.
  • +Fix line number preference not being remembered on startup.
  • +Fix error in handling corrupted session files.
  • +Fix bug in auto clearing of status text that would let timer to continue running unnecessarily.
  • +Fix errors that could occur occasionally when setting status text.
  • +Fix bug in error reporting when file reload fails.
  • +Fix some compatibility issues with wxPython 2.8.4
  • +Fix issue where search direction could get stuck in search previous when using the quick search shortcuts.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when showing find dialog under certain cases.

When installing a new version

The current releases are still developmental snapshots, so there are continual api changes. When installing a new version of Editra if you start getting crashes related to Plugins that you have installed from a previous version always do the following. 1) Open the PluginManager 2) Look for updates to your existing plugins in the Downloads Tab 3) Install any newer versions of the plugins you use as they may have compatibility changes to adapt to the new release of Editra. As things get closer to a stable release cycle the PluginManager and Plugin framework will automatically manage these kind of things and provide notifications of when updates are available. The plugin I hear about the most is the Calculator plugin. The 0.5 release of the plugin is no longer compatible with current releases so use the plugin manager to update it to 0.6 which is. Was quite surprised to see how many people are using that example plugin.

Snow Leopard and Font Dialog

Since I continue to get lots of email and bug reports about the font dialog not working when running Editra on OSX 10.6 I thought it necessary to post about this again as this is a known issue.

  1. Current release versions of Editra are only compatible and built for 10.4/10.5
  2. Editra does run on 10.6 but there are some issues that need to be worked out yet.
  3. The Font can still be configured through the use of Editra Style Sheets.

The issue with the Font dialog is an upstream issue with wxWidgets 2.8.10, the issue has been fixed for 2.8.11 and once its out I will rebuild Editra with it and the issue will be resolved.

Database Cleanup Round 2

In the ongoing effort to fend off bots from the site, I will be doing another round of database cleanup later this week. All accounts that have not logged in in the last 6 months and have not made any posts since they were created will be cleaned from the database.

Editra 0.5.05 Released

VERSION 0.5.05 DATE 09/02/2009 29th Alpha Release NEWS:

Important bug fix release to fix a critical regression with handling of files that have BOM characters in them. All users of release 0.5 should quickly update to this release as the bug could lead to data loss.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Find bar is now customizable via right click menu.
  • +Add Hungarian, Galician, Romanian, and Slovak translations.
  • +Updated translations
  • +Fix error in handling BOM when saving files that could result in data loss.
  • +Use wxversion to make sure that Editra is started with wxPython2.8 or later.

NOTICE: Critical Bug in Release 0.5

There is a critical regression in the handling of files with UTF BOM markings in them in release 0.5 that can result in data loss. This bug has been corrected and I will be trying to release an update this Wednesday evening that contains this update after I finish reviewing the rest of the code changes in the file handling.

OSX 10.6 and Font Dialogs

There appears to be some issues with the Font dialogs on OSX 10.6. There has likely been api changes since 10.5 that are causing the Font selection dialog to fail when its being shown. Editra has not yet officially been tested on OSX 10.6 yet, current release is only verified for 10.4 and 10.5. These issues will be resolved once the application has been tested on 10.6. Until then please consider 10.6 as being unsupported. Once support for OSX 10.6 is ready and verified another announcement will be made.

Editra 0.5.0 Released

VERSION 0.5.0 DATE 08/20/2009 28th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release contains a large number of important bug fixes. Due to various outside issues that have limited my development time the last few months I have decided to change the focus to bug fixes for this release and most of the features I had slated for 0.5 have been pushed back to the later 0.5 series releases in order focus on stability for 0.5.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +BackTab can no be used to compress space that is embedded in a line.
  • +Record position changes from mouse clicks in position navigation history.
  • +Add command line switch -g for specifying line to open file to.
  • +Fix copying from OutputBuffer.
  • +Fix some error handling if file session handling.
  • +Fix some minor translation issues.
  • +Don't reposition caret if it was moved during a threaded load operation.
  • +Fix some errors with setting custom highlighting colors.
  • +Set highlight foreground colour to White when selection colour is dark.
  • +Fix search in directory message handler in search controller that caused some issues when the dialog had already been created.
  • +Fix search in directory crash on windows when accessing it from filebrowser.
  • +Files with embedded NUL bytes can now be loaded properly.
  • +Properly handle filenames that have spaces in them in the Launch plugin.
  • +Fix saving of files where pasted in text would cause the encoding of the text to fail on write to disk.
  • +Fix direction choices not being disabled for search in files operation in Find dialog.
  • +Fix error handling for when incorrect regular expressions are used in a replace statement.
  • +Fix error that could occur when right clicking on tab area.
  • +Fix off by one error in vim jump to line command.
  • +Fix some clipboard related issues when running under gtk.
  • +Fix tab scrolling rate on gtk
  • +Handle errors due to failed socket connection in IPC server

Database Cleanup

In the next week I will be cleaning community board database to delete inactive users. If you have an account in the forum and have not logged into it in the last year and don't have any posts it will be deleted. If you simply go to the community page and log in and then leave your account will not be deleted.

This is to remove what I suspect are a number of bot created accounts from the database. If your account is deleted you can always sign up again.

Thank you, The Management