Editra 0.5.72 Released

VERSION 0.5.72 DATE 06/24/2010 36th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release addresses a critical bug in the handling of HTML/XML files.

  • +Fix error in HTML autocompletion.
  • +Fix application icon not showing up on Windows Vista and 7.
  • +Fix spellchecker dependencies missing in Windows binary builds.

HTML/XML editing bug notice

There is a bug that can occur when editing HTML/XML files that is caused by the new autoindenter for those file types. This has been fixed in SVN already and a new release containing this fix will be made at the end of the week sometime. Until then this issue can be worked around by turning off the Auto-Indent option in your preferences or just turning it of per file when editing by toggling it off in the Settings menu.

Editra 0.5.70 Released

VERSION 0.5.70 DATE 06/12/2010 35th Alpha Release NEWS: NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Improved TCL/Tk Highlighting
  • +Updated CodeBrowser Plugin 1.1 (improved Tcl/Tk, C, and CSS Support)
  • +Update Launch Plugin 1.7 (word wrap and lock file options)
  • +Improved AutoIndent functionality for HTML/XML
  • +Improve behavior of HTML autocomp
  • +Syntax modules that provide AutoIndenters are now responsible for adding the text to the buffers them self instead of returning a string to the EditraStc.
  • +Fix braces not getting un-highlighted when toggling setting on and off.
  • +Fix incorrect handling of xml in IPC server (patch from rqsall)
  • +Fix file open from commandline not respecting open files in new windows option.
  • +Fix incorrect closer notifications that could occur when using the close tab shortcut.
  • +Fix crash that could occur due to Python autocompletion executing a SystemExit exception.
  • +Fix Shelf tabs not updating when show icons on tab option is toggled.

Editra 0.5.60 Released

VERSION 0.5.60 DATE 05/16/2010 34th Alpha Release NEWS:

This is primarily a bug fix release to address a number of issues from the big tab control change in the previous release as well as some other standing issues. This is a suggested update for all users of the previous release.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Improvements to Verilog and SysVerilog highlighting (patch from akhailtash)
  • +Fix issue with tab selection events not being sent in split notebook.
  • +Fix page change notifications not being sent under certain tab close scenarios.
  • +Unsubscribe from file history messages on window deletion.
  • +Fix issue in handling invalid data in custom style sheets.
  • +Fix issue with search being incremented when control key was pressed.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when iterating syntax globals during startup.
  • +Fix issue with portable profiles not loading when install directory path changes.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when tab menu handler is called with no context manager.
  • +Handle errors that can occur when adding items to file history.
  • +Fix crash from selecting invalid register when using vim mode.
  • +Ctrl+Tab functionality for switching tabs has been restored.
  • +Double click on split notebook sash now properly unsplits the notebook on OSX.
  • +Fix Python auto-indenter not indenting after 'with' statements.
  • +Fix handling of improper paths when typing in command mode.

Editra 0.5.51 Released

VERSION 0.5.51 DATE 03/14/2010 33rd Alpha Release NEWS:

This release was initially going to be held until wxPython 2.8.11 was released but it seems to be delayed so this release will still have some minor issues when running on OSX 10.6.

There are a number of new features in this release. The tabs in the notebooks can be dragged out to split the notebook into separate views so that files can be viewed side by side. This feature has also been extended to the Shelf window. There are also new versions of the CodeBrowser and Launch plugins included with this release. For detailed changes please review the changelog below.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +Tabs can be dragged out to split notebooks so that buffers and Shelf items can be viewed side by side.
  • +What items are displayed in the Lexer menu are now configurable.
  • +Basic support for highlighting asp script embedded in html files.
  • +New version of Launch plugin with some bug fixes.
  • +Add Close Others option to right click tab menu to close all but the selected tab.
  • +Add support for highlighting Forth source files.
  • +Add support for Java to CodeBrowser (patch from Eric Gaudet)
  • +Add support for Diff files to CodeBrowser (patch from Eric Gaudet)
  • +Custom autobackup directory can be configured.
  • +Extend HTML support to support HTML5 syntax (patch from Hagn99)
  • +Add --no-clean option to source file installer to skip old file cleanup.
  • +New plugin interface for adding autocompletion providers added (iface.AutocompI)
  • +FilterDialog class added to eclib
  • +Fix segmentation fault on Linux when using right click context menu to paste.
  • +Fix some minor vhdl highlighting issues.
  • +Fix issue where typing over selected text would sometimes not overwrite it
  • +Fix exception that could occur when syntax highlighting extensions are removed.
  • +Fix issue where autocomp/callip popups would not get hidden when they should.
  • +Fix issue where window could be restored off screen when extra displays have been removed from the system between running the program.
  • +Fix issue where tab label would incorrectly show a modified state after loading a large file in incremental mode.
  • +Fix bug in python autocompleter that could raise an error when retrieving a calltip under some conditions.
  • +Fix issue with detecting magic encoding if it was changed after the buffer was loaded on subsequent saves.
  • +Fix bug in reloading of buffers after encoding error is detected that would result in them always becoming a read only buffer.
  • +Fix bug in retrieving file extension for file types that have no extensions associated with them.
  • +Fix bad link to online documentation in Help menu
  • +Default to English local when localized resource for LANGUAGE_DEFAULT are not available.
  • +Fix issue with folded code disappearing when folding option is toggled off.

Editra 0.5.32 Released

VERSION 0.5.32 DATE 12/28/2009 32nd Alpha Release NEWS:

Another quick bug fix release to address some critical issues that were still present after the last release.

  • +Fix error introduced into extended autocomp in previous release.
  • +Handle win32api errors from calls to GetLongPathName.
  • +Restore html/xml autocomp behavior to put cursor between tags that are inserted.
  • +Fix issue with custom key profiles being saved to system directory instead of user config directory.

Editra 0.5.30 Released

VERSION 0.5.30 DATE 12/21/2009 31th Alpha Release NEWS:

Quick bug fix release for some issues that arose after the last release.

  • +Fix Unicode handling for file names when opening files from the command line.
  • +Fix bug in not properly shutting down ipc server on exit app event.
  • +Fix bug in not automatically continuing with the window closure when a modified file action takes place.
  • +Fix duplicate entries in autocomp lists that could occur when using extended autocomp (patch from cowo78)
  • +Fix replace action not being working when up is selected as the the find direction.
  • +Fix index error when accessing empty history cache.
  • +Fix error in returning a list instead of a string when getcalltip fails.
  • +Fix error handling for when select_style has no background color defined.

Editra 0.5.25 Released

VERSION 0.5.25 DATE 12/15/2009 30th Alpha Release NEWS:

Compatibility with older Editra Style Sheet's modifier syntax has been removed, style sheet made for pre 0.4 release version may have trouble properly loading in this version.

NEW: [features/improvements]
  • +New version of Launch plugin (new handlers can be added via xml interface)
  • +Clicking on encoding field in statusbar will allow encoding of current document to be converted.
  • +Some performance improvements
  • +The -g command line switch now will work when existing instance of Editra is already running.
  • +Xml interface added to Launch plugin
  • +Fix error in handling of unknown encodings.
  • +Trim long python calltips to ensure that function signature is visible (patch from appliedmath)
  • +Fix issue with opening files via relative path from commandline
  • +Fix error when adding shelf items to an undocked shelf window
  • +Fix index error in page synchronization of filebrowser plugin
  • +Fix index error in BackTab functionality
  • +Fix BackTab at end of line deleting eol characters
  • +Fix startup errors caused by files that were left over from previous installs.
  • +Fix issue where Windows binary installer would misplace files that could cause subprocess commands to fail.
  • +Fix issue in handling short form paths on Windows by converting to long name.

OSX 10.6 and Fonts

This is a know issue with the font dialog not working on OSX 10.6. It will be resolved when a new version of wxPython is released. There is nothing that can be done about it till a new version of the libraries Editra relies on are released, so please refrain from reporting this issue any further. So when a version of Editra that officially supports OSX 10.6 is ready an announcement will be made. Thanks, Cody

Projects Plugin 1.5 Released

The latest version of the Projects plugin is now available in the Plugin Manager. This release is another bug fix release that addresses some important issues related to reliability, performance, and the history/diff commands.

  • +Update translations and add many new ones.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • +Focus behavior on windows
    • +Fix number of small typos (patch from kevinsmithc)
    • +Fix error in doing diff when retrieval of file fails
    • +Fix some threading issues
    • +Fix error that could happen when retrieving node data for a commit action.

    Official support for python2.4 has been dropped for all Editra related components. If you are still using 2.4 most things should still work but I will no longer be supplying eggs for python2.4.

    note: title updated to 1.5, 1.4 was replaced within 24 hours due to a windows specific critical bug fix.