Notice: Packaging Changes

The next release of Editra will be released soon and contains a change to the executable script that may affect some package maintainers and other distributors of Editra. The change is that the main launch script for users of the source package is now all lower case editra where in the past it was Editra. This was done to correct some long standing issues with the source install on Windows as well as to reduce some confusion and conflicts with the Editra that is included with wxPython.

Bug in some Style Sheets with version 0.6.37

This is a notice for a workaround with a bug that was exposed in 0.6.37 with the use of some syntax style sheets that are in an older format that can cause a crash when switching style sheets or during startup. The issue also exists with the builtin Cream style sheet that was not fully updated. To work around the issue to either delete the style sheet that is causing the crash and then start the editor or to edit the sheet to reformat the markup to the current style. i.e) Change all lines that look like: back: #FFF000 eol; fore: #000000 bold; to use the modifiers tag for the extra modifiers instead: fore: #000000; back: #FFF000; modifiers: bold eol; Changes will be made in the next release to handle backwards compatibility with the old format.

Editra 0.6.37 Released

VERSION 0.6.37 DATE 04/24/2011 42nd Alpha Release NEWS:

This version includes a new version of the Launch plugin that now supports all file types recognized by Editra and will automatically support all future filetypes and filetypes added by extensions. It also fixes a handful of other minor issues as well. Note however that due to the framework changes any Launch settings from previous versions will be lost with this upgrade as the underlying data model has changed.

There has also been a number of API extensions and bug fixes during this release, see the changelog below for more details about the changes in this release.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +New version of Launch v1.10 (now supports all filetypes)
  • +Session saved more frequently for better restore after unexpected shutdowns.
  • +Highlight php language constructs as keywords.
  • +Uninstaller on Windows can now optionally remove settings and plugins folder.
  • +SegmentBar supports being shown in a vertical orientation
  • +SegmentBar and SegmentBook, show tool tips when labels are hidden.
  • +Expanded buffer margin marker api, added Error and Lint markers.
  • +Add ThreadPool interface EdThreadPool.
  • +New XML library ed_xml for easier XML management.
  • +Fix incorrect detection of UTF-32 BOM as UTF-16 BOM.
  • +Fix bug in restoring bookmarks after a file reload.
  • +Fix some visibility issues with the tab controls with dark themes on gtk.
  • +Fix Unicode handling issue in OutputBuffer.
  • +Fix window activation issue after canceling directory search job.
  • +Handle invalid encodings reported by system.
  • +Fix numerous printing issues.
  • +Don't show command prompt when running programs through output buffer.
  • +Fix Read Only tab image not updating when permissions change.

Editra 0.6.26 Released

VERSION 0.6.26 DATE 03/18/2011 41st Alpha Release NEWS:

This is a quick bug fix for a critical issue that could cause Editra to not be able to properly start again after part of the profile settings became corrupted. If you were affected by this in the previous release this release will fix the issue. The other workaround is to delete your Editra user profile from the configuration directory and restarting Editra.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +New icon for showing bookmarks in the bookmark margin.
  • +New api for setting breakpoint markers in editor buffer margin.
  • +Improved API documentation available on website.
  • +Fix crash when restoring Shelf layout if a some tabs are not reloaded.
  • +Only save buffers that have modifications when Save All is called.
  • +Fix Delete Bookmark button being disabled while BookMarkMgr is docked.
  • +Fix issue with Find/Replace dialog popping up underneath OSX/Gnome global menubar.

Editra 0.6.20 Released

VERSION 0.6.20 DATE 02/26/2011 40th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release contains a number of fixes for long standing issues including a major rework of the Style Editor dialog. The window layout of the Shelf's tabs are now saved and restored between running sessions of Editra. New shelf window for managing, navigating, and viewing all set Bookmarks. See the changelog below for more details about this release.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +Remember Shelf layout and selected tab when application is restarted.
  • +Improve Python autoindenter to better handle more conditions in regards to brackets and parens.
  • +Autocomp and calltip shortcuts are now customizable.
  • +Add Bookmark manager window to Shelf
  • +Support storing/loading user configuration from XDG standard location on Linux.
  • +Persist find settings between sessions.
  • +Improvements to the Style Editor (ability to remove style sheets)
  • +Display Font setting now also applies to the font used by the tabs.
  • +Support ControlBars in on left and right side of ControlBox.
  • +Add ProcessThreadBase class to allow for customizing the creation of the Popen object.
  • +Add support for displaying breakpoint markers in editor buffer.
  • +Fix issue that could result in crash when rapidly clicking on notebook buttons.
  • +Fix minor display issue in update checker gauge.
  • +Fix behavior of left/right arrow key motions in vim emulation mode to better emulate vi.
  • +Fix issue where an invalid encoding would be detected as the default encoding on some systems.
  • +Fix issue where ToolBar would not resize properly when appearance settings where changed to use different size icons.
  • +Fix screen refresh issue in tab control where it wouldn't get repainted properly in some cases.
  • +Fix crash in reload with encoding when the encoding fails to decode the text.
  • +Fix pipe character not being accepted in keybindings editor.
  • +Fix angle brackets not being handled properly in keybindings editor.
  • +Fix issue with window not being brought to front in all cases when opening file with "Edit with Editra..." shortcut on Windows.
  • +Fix issue with showing calltips for buffers that are not visible.
  • +Handle OverflowError that could occur when too large a value was passed to the busy indicator.
  • +Fix display inconsistencies in recently opened file menu.
  • +Fix some issues with the binary installer and uninstaller on Windows Vista/7
  • +Fix behavior of change word command to better emulate vi.
  • +Fix error handling in purging of old log files.
  • +Fix keybinding editor not applying cleared keybindings until restart.
  • +Fix hard crash that could occur when processing auto-completion data for some Python modules with a py2exe version of Editra.
  • +Clear existing keybinding when assigning to new action in keybinding editor.
  • +Fix issue with updating styles after overwriting or updating an existing style sheet with new settings.
  • +Fix bug in style editor that would warn about changes when no changes have been made.
  • +Handle styling some additional CSS2 keywords (outline, left).
  • +Correct some Unicode handling issues in style sheet handling and RTF output generator.
  • +Fix refresh issue with button highlighting in PluginManager dialog (MSW).

Book Giveaway

wxPython CookboookFirst I would like to say thanks to everyone who made donations last year it was the first year that all server fees were user supported! This year Packt Publishing has offered to help kick off this years server fund raising by offering a chance to win a free copy of the wxPython 2.8 Application Development Cookbook to anyone who makes any donation over the next three weeks. So anyone who makes a donation to between now and February 8th will be entered into a chance to win.

So in your donation please make sure to leave enough contact information so Packt can get the copy of the book to you if you win.

Editra 0.6.0 Released

VERSION 0.6.00 DATE 01/15/2010 39th Alpha Release NEWS:

This is the first release of the 0.6 series and is the first release of Editra to officially support Python 2.7. There have been a fair number of bug fixes since the last release to further improve the stability of the editor. As a special notice there was a bug in the auto-updater from the last release that will prevent version 0.5.99 from detecting there is a new release so a manual download and install of this version will be required for users of version 0.5.99.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +Improve Python AutoIndenter to better handle brackets (patch from Jens)
  • +Add Copy Filename option to tab menu (patch from Michael Rans)
  • +Extend Vi emulation mode to support motions for Enter, Space, and Backspace
  • +Improve file type detection for files that don't have file extensions.
  • +Add support for Cilk syntax highlighting (patch from michael.champigny)
  • +Fix Python 2.5 compatibility issue.
  • +Fix Unicode handling issue in Python completer.
  • +Fix issue with incorrect dwell events being sent causing the calltip popups to be shown when they shouldn't even after the mouse has left the window.
  • +Fix bug in RemoveAllBookmarks method when called from EditraStc instance.
  • +Fix Unicode handling issue in Replace All feature.
  • +Fix issue where cursor would still appear active in the text buffer even when it did not have the keyboard focus.
  • +Fix DeadObject error that could occur after deletion of a secondary main window.
  • +Fix incorrect tab activation that could occur after doing a tab drag and drop operation from an external notebook.
  • +Fix bug in update checker that would cause the check for an update to fail.
  • +Fix bug in style sheet parser that could lead to a crash when loading a malformed Editra style sheet.
  • +Fix Cut/Delete line commands for when the selection includes the last line.
  • +Fix Put command behavior in vi emulation to put it after the current carat position.
  • +Fix Python autocompletion for documents that have tabs in them.
  • +Fix some issues in the Xml/Html autocompleter that would incorrectly insert closing tags for tags that didn't require them.
  • +Fix bug in displaying errors for plugins that couldn't load.

wxPython Cookbook Published

wxPython CookboookI would like to announce the publication of my book wxPython 2.8 Application Development Cookbook. The book is a guide to writing user interfaces and developing applications using the wxPython toolkit, which is the Python bindings to the wxWidgets C++ library.

The book includes over 80 practical recipes for developing feature-rich applications using wxPython

  • Develop flexible applications in wxPython.
  • Create interface translatable applications that will run on Windows, Macintosh OSX, Linux, and other UNIX like environments.
  • Learn basic and advanced user interface controls.
  • Packed with practical, hands-on cookbook recipes and plenty of example code, illustrating the techniques to develop feature rich applications using wxPython.

The book is available from Packt Publishing

Editra 0.5.99 Released

VERSION 0.5.99 DATE 12/05/2010 38th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release improves the Python auto-completion support and also adds the ability to show calltips when the mouse hovers over methods in the text editor area. A number of important bug fixes were also completed in this release, see the included changelog below for a list of all changes made in this release.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +Improved consistency of Python auto-completion to provide results under more conditions.
  • +Show call tips on mouse over when available.
  • +When in DEBUG mode trace statements are dumped to a log file in the systems temp directory and are kept for up to seven days.
  • +Update Launch plugin to version 1.8 (bug fixes)
  • +Add observer interface for mouse dwell events in buffer.
  • +Add observer interface for when bookmarks are added or removed.
  • +Fix issue with tab activation after tabs had been reorganized via user drag and drop.
  • +Fix issue where using pane navigator would result in all event handlers being disconnected until main window received an deactivation followed by another activation event.
  • +Fix bug in reporting file errors under certain use cases.
  • +Fix incorrect highlighting for some css2 keywords.
  • +Don't crash when bitmap resource for tab navigator fails to load correctly.
  • +Fix issue where some UpdateUI events where not getting handled in modal dialogs.
  • +Fix inconsistency that could lead to an un-handled exception when switching between different saved perspectives.
  • +Fix crash caused by thread safety issue that could occur when updater fails to get version info from the network.
  • +Fix bug where editor area would be readonly after a failed file load that required the user to select the proper encoding.
  • +Fix infinite recursion error that could occur when loading a non existent style set.

Editra 0.5.86 Released

VERSION 0.5.86 DATE 10/10/2010 37th Alpha Release NEWS:

This release includes some important Unicode and file loading issues as well as some new features. See the included change summary below for more details on what has changed for this release.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +Add Search in Current Directory option to Find/Replace Dialog
  • +Increase persistence limit for search in directory history
  • +Add support for DSP56K assembly
  • +Add support for OOC programming language
  • +Support multiple views of the same file within the same window.
  • +Add support for NONMEM Control Stream files (patch from Robert McLeay)
  • +Updated CodeBrowser plugin 1.2 (sort view by line number or alphabetically)
  • +Edge guide color can be configured through Style Editor Dialog.
  • +Fix major error in handling events when more than one window has been opened.
  • +Fix bug in style sheet parsing that was not properly setting undefined style tags to the default_style.
  • +Fix encoding detection issue that could lead to unhanded exception error.
  • +Fix handling of Unicode text by Django lexer.
  • +Fix issues with detecting UTF-16 encoded files that don't have a BOM.
  • +Fix not being able to run executables in Launch that have spaces in their paths on Windows.
  • +Fix issues with aborting processes with Launch plugin on Windows.
  • +Fix crash that could occur if text was dragged over PluginMgr ListBox.
  • +Fix issue in Shelf tabs not being restored in correct order
  • +Fix issue where context menu on editor tabs could refer to wrong tab.
  • +Fix error that could occur when showing statusbar popumenu for line endings caused by improper menu item type.
  • +Fix DeadObjectError in UpdateFileHistory
  • +Properly handle application exit when os is shutting down (patch from Eric Gaudet)