Editra 0.6.99 Released

VERSION 0.6.99
DATE 03/17/2012
48th Alpha Release


Haven't had much time to work on Editra lately so thought I would release the
changes that have been integrated since previous release. Main improvements
in this release are better handling of large files, improved Unicode handling,
and improved find performance. See changelog below for more details.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Major performance improvements to Replace All action
  • +Backup file suffix can be customized (patch from dkuhlman)
  • +Moderate improvements to performance of working with large files.
  • +Improved support for R programming language.
  • +SingleInstanceChecker temp file moved from home directory to system temp directory.
  • +Add option to preferences for configuring the preferred caret width (1-4 pixels).
  • +Support Block caret for Vi emulation mode (requires wxPython 2.9)


  • +Add InfoBar control for providing simple information messages without having to show a modal dialog.


  • +Fix minor control sizing issue in ControlBars created by ControlBox.CreateControlBar on GTK/MSW.
  • +Fix issue with Unicode normalization in search.
  • +Fix in buffer search operations to work better for Unicode by working around issues where StyledTextCtrl expects UTF-8 byte offsets for some methods (SetSelection, GetSelection, ...)
  • +Fix saved search flags not being propagated properly after application restart.
  • +Fix Calltip shortcut not working correctly due to incorrect lookup string being sent down to completer when character to left of cursor was a paren.
  • +Fix bug that could result in data loss when saving a file when all encodings failed.
  • +Fix MemoryError that could occur when saving large files.
  • +Fix some UTF-16 handling issues on Linux.

Editra 0.6.89 Released

VERSION 0.6.89
DATE 12/17/2011
47th Alpha Release


This release adds support for highlighting some new file types and some minor
improvements to the auto-completions support. The Python auto-completion has been
improved to better handle updating when external modules that are analyzed
from import statements have changed during runtime as well as improvements to
the handling of properties and member attributes.

In addition to the features listed above there has been some library and
framework enhancements to help support future plugin development.

For details about additional changes and bug fixes please see the complete
changelog below.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Improved Python auto-completion
  • +Add ability to customize spelling dictionary and behavior. Can now Ignore spellings (per session) or Add words to the dictionary (permanent). Optional feature only available when pyenchant is installed.
  • +Add partial support for CSS3 highlighting.
  • +Add support for GLSL programming language (patch from Auria)
  • +Auto-completion configuration (on/off) now only applies to completions that are provided automatically. Completions can always be requested with the auto-completion shortcut keys.
  • +Add partial Catalan, Eseranto, Farsi, Georgian, and Maylay translations.


  • +Add new themed art resource for New Folder
  • +Minor extensions to file utility functions (AddFileExtension)
  • +Add DirectoryMonitor class to ebmlib to provide notifications to changes to files in a directory.


  • +Fix middle mouse button not closing correct tab when notebook view has been split.
  • +Fix some Unicode handling issues related to startup paths.
  • +Fix error case in updating session storage schema from older versions of application.
  • +Fix file filters not working with find in current directory option.
  • +Fix text selection foreground color in OutputBuffer derived windows.
  • +Fix issue with some style sheets not being able to be loaded in StyleEditor on case sensitive file systems.
  • +Fix some minor cosmetic issues when running under GTK.
  • +Fix crash that could occur during shutdown under some cases when a find dialog was open.

Editra 0.6.77 Released

This release contains no changes from previous release it is only a rebuild of the previous release using wxPython 2.8 until the issue that some systems where exhibiting using wxPython 2.9 in yesterdays build can be sorted out.

Downloads available at the usual locations.

Editra 0.6.76 Windows Binaries

A number of users have reported issues in regards to the new binaries used in the Windows release of version 0.6.76. I am yet to reproduce the issue but for the time being would suggest users of the Windows binary version of Editra to stay on 0.6.58 until the issue is resolved. A short interim release will be made when the cause of the issue can be determined.

Editra 0.6.76 Released

VERSION 0.6.76
DATE 10/01/2011
45th Alpha Release


New in this release is the new Session Manager bar for managing editing sessions.
Along with the Session Manager the session feature has had a change to its
behavior, only the Default session will automatically update. All other custom
sessions require explicit saves to configure the set of files that belong in it.
See the changelog below for details of other changes and bug fixes that are
included in this release.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Allow scrolling of the buffer from within the search bar with up/down keys.
  • +Can now change lexer from status bar context menu.
  • +Session management feature behavior has been changed in this release. When using
    custom sessions they will not automatically be saved as new files are opened or
    when the editor is closed. They must now be saved manually. Only the builtin
    'Default' session will retain the automatic behavior.
  • +Support folding docstrings in Python source code.
  • +Add Command Bar for managing editing sessions, default key binding of Ctrl+K.
  • +Add Delete All button to Bookmark manager Shelf window.
  • +Add close all option to shelf tab right click menu.
  • +New version of Launch Plugin (Bug fixes)
  • +New version of CodeBrowser (Python enhancements / wxPython 2.9 bug fixes)


  • +Add FileTree class to eclib.
  • +Add FactoryMixin mixin class to ebmlib to simplify implementing factories for
  • +Add new icon resource for Delete All (ID_DELETE_ALL).
  • +Add Freezer context manager class to eclib.


  • +Fix PyDeadObject error when opening new window from tab menu.
  • +Fix selection background not being shown when selecting whitespace when the
    buffers show whitespace option is turned on.
  • +Fix Select All not working in search bar.
  • +Fix issue during shutdown when IPC server isn't running.
  • +Fix loading custom key profiles that have duplicate entries.
  • +Fix handling the toggling of Maximize/Restore editor for some workflows so that
    the view is correctly toggled back and forth for all cases.
  • +Fix display issues when scrolling on GTK caused by overlay scrollbars.
  • +Fix issue with some obsolete plugins being shown in plugin manager download window.
  • +Fix issue with initial search from Find dialog always beginning at position
    zero instead of the current caret position.
  • +Fix some inconsistencies with doing incremental searches and behavior when
    the search direction is changed for a find next action.
  • +Fix failure to detect correct syntax highlighting when extension manager
    had mappings with upper or mixed case letter.
  • +Fix some incorrect tab selection index issues when notebook was split.

Editra 0.6.58 Released

VERSION 0.6.58
DATE 07/23/2011
44th Alpha Release


This is a minor bug fix release that includes a number of fixes for when running on Linux under GTK.

NEW: [features/improvements]

  • +Updated all translations from launchpad site
  • +Add right click menu to Shelf tab area to open Shelf items.
  • +UI Display font setting is now more uniformly applied across the interface.
  • +Use more understated style for brace matching in default style.


  • +Fix PlateButton size being incorrectly calculated on GTK.


  • +Fix crash in handling corrupt style sheet data
  • +Fix frame title not updating correctly when only one tab is open on Linux.
  • +Partial fix for screen flashing issue on Linux when using dark syntax
    highlighting themes. Need to turn off code folding to stop the flashing.
  • +Fix tab context menu option for Close and Close All not working on Linux.
  • +Fix minor defect in OSX document icon (patch from auria)
  • +Fix GTK warning messages during startup on Linux.
  • +Fix missing definition of error_style for Guepardo syntax theme.
  • +Fix Unicode handling issue in xml handling for ipc server.
  • +Fix To Upper/Lower command not working with some characters.
  • +Properly handle searches with precomposed and decomposed Unicode data.
  • +Fix tab icon setting not being applied after restart.
  • +Fix toolbar when running under wxPython2.9 on OSX.

Python Ideas Generator

Packt Publishing (the publisher of the wxPython Cookbook) is currently accepting input for new ideas for Python programming books that you would like to see published. New ideas can be submitted through an open Google Moderator site that has been set up to allow anyone to submit new ideas and vote on existing ones posted by others. This is a good and simple opportunity to have your voice heard on what kind of topic(s) Packt should cover in their future Python books.

Quoted information from Packt:

Let us know if there are any areas of Python which you think would make a great book.
The books may be about using Python with certain tools, frameworks, or just doing cool things with pure Python programming.
If there is an area of Python that you love, or that you want to learn about, let us know and we could create a book all about it!
To see what books Python Packt already has to offer, take a look at our online bookstore: http://www.packtpub.com/books/­python

PyStudio Plugin version 0.2 Released

As a quick bugfix release for some issues found in the initial release.

  • * Fixes issue with debugger not attaching on Linux/OSX
  • * Fixes crash in debugger variables display when attr timeout occurs
  • * Fixes crash in debugger expressions list for un-init profile data

PyStudio Plugin version 0.1 Released

Would like to announce the release of a new plugin "PyStudio" for
Editra that is targeted at Python developers.

In its initial release this plugin integrates the following extended
Python development features into Editra.

  • Fully integrated Python Debugger - Utilizing same rpdb2 backend as
    WinPdb with an all new fully integrated UI.
  • Code Analysis - Provides fully integrated code analysis (lint
    checking). (Currently supported backend is pylint).
  • Python Module locator - search and find python modules on your
    system - right click on import statements to open module.
  • Syntax error checking on file save
  • and more to come...
  • Documentation/Screenshots/Usage instructions

    This plugin is compatible with Editra 0.6.48 and later.

    Where to get it:

Editra 0.6.48 Released

VERSION 0.6.48
DATE 05/14/2011
43rd Alpha Release

This release contains some notable improvements to the Python autocompletion support. It is more accurate and capable of producing results under more scenarios then before. These improvements also extend to the the calltip support.

Big change in source distributions in this release as well. The primary launch script is now all lower case. So where as before you would run 'Editra' it is now standardized on 'editra' to fix a number of long running issues and confusion with the script that is installed by the wxPython tools package.

For the complete change history please refer to the below changelog.

NEW: [features/enhancements]
  • +Improved Python autocompletion, better detect local variables, properties, and some minor performance improvements.
  • +Improved Python calltips. Calltips can now be shown more regularly and for more objects.
  • +Launch script for source installs is now a lower case 'editra'.
  • +Source install on Windows now overwrites launch script installed by wxPython
  • for Editra to allow the separately installed version to be started.
  • +Expanded unittest suite to verify data in all bundled style sheets.
  • +Shelf window can now be maximized.
  • +Updated Launch to version 1.11 (bug fixes)
  • +Update CodeBrowser to version 1.3 (minor enhancements)
  • +Add LintError and LintWarning markers.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when loading old format style sheet
  • +Fix bug in threaded file load that could lead to modified marker being incorrectly shown on the tab for the file.
  • +Fix crash that could occur under rare case when closing an editor page.
  • +Fix bug in preferences where clicking Cancel on changing the font could still result in the change being accepted.