Registration Closed on Forum Page

The chat forum page is now closed for any new registrations.

The continued problems with spam bots attacking the page and general low user traffic has brought this decision. Communication and questions can continue to be asked through google group page, issue tracker, or contact emails.

Editra 0.7.20 Released

VERSION 0.7.20
DATE 01/05/2013
53rd Alpha Release

NEW: [features/enhancements]

  • +Extended CSS highlighting support. Near complete support for CSS3.
  • +Updated FileBrowser plugin to version 2.2 (bug fixes)


  • +Handle error in style manager when default font face name is unknown.
  • +Fix unwanted/invalid completion issue in HTML autocompletion for open brackets on lines with tabs in them.
  • +Fix PyDeadObject that could occur during reload file request.
  • +Fix crash that could occur during formatting of log messages.
  • +Handle PyDeadObject error that could occur when changing tab icons
  • +Don't handle Shift+Delete as forward delete on OSX (issue 721)
  • +Fix caret bouncing in TextCtrls on Windows (issue 664)
  • +Fix PyDeadObject errors related to notebook in multiple windows.
  • +Fix assertions caused by right clicks in certain areas of tree controls.
  • +Fix Line End command not working correctly in some cases on OSX.

Packt Publshing's 1000th Title

wxPython Cookboook
Packt Publishing the publsher of the wxPython Cookbook is about to publish its 1000th title. As part of the celebration for this milestone they have informed me that anyone that is signed up on their website or signs up between now and September 30th will get a surprise gift! So if your interested just head over to Packt Publishing's website and create an account. More information on the event can also be found in this article which is also found on their website.

New plugin Enigma now available

Enigma is a new plugin that provides tools for encoding and decoding text. In its initial release it supports base16 through base64 text encoding and decoding. When installed an enabled the plugin adds a submenu to the text editor windows contextual right click menu, allowing for the manipulation of the currently selected text.

PyStudio 0.7 Released

The latest version of the PyStudio plugin has been released and is available for install in the Plugin Manager.

This version adds many new features and bug fixes since the last major release.

  • New PyProject component. Adds basic project management window and file manager
  • Add Pep8 Checking to PyAnalysis
  • Add raw output view to PyAnalysis
  • Add extended sorting capability to PyAnalaysis
  • Correct some Unicode handling issues in debugger
  • Fix crash in compile checker that could occur in some use cases

[ANN] Editra 0.7.12 Released

VERSION 0.7.12
DATE 08/12/2012
52nd Alpha Release


  • +Fix unable to edit file extension associations on Linux systems (issue 745).
  • +Fix issue with duplicated @ symbols inserted by generic completer (issue 743).
  • +Fix some Unicode handling issues in log handler.
  • +Fix bug in Tango art provider fallback code which could end up looking in
    Default theme instead of Tango theme directory for mime icons.
  • +Fix PyDeadObject errors related to failed destruction calls by AuiManger.

Editra 0.7.08 Released

VERSION 0.7.08
DATE 07/15/2012
51st Alpha Release

NEW: [features/enhancements]

  • +New version of FileBrowser Plugin version 2.0. Nearly a complete re-write of
    the main part of the plugin to use a new file view. Adds ability to turn editor
    tab synchronization on and off. Adds configuration for filtering files out of the
    view and new configuration for showing hidden files.
  • +Choose directory dialog from Find Dialog will now automatically expand to the directory of the
    current file.
  • +Update embedded aui


  • +Fix major and apparently very long standing issue on Windows systems where
    application profiles were not getting updated correctly and settings would get
    lost between updates.
  • +Fix issues with sessions not getting updated properly under some use cases.
  • +Fix crash condition that could occur when reload of file fails.
  • +Fix file encoding detection issue that some systems experienced.
  • +Fix UTF-16 decoding issues / regressions due to change in behavior between
    python2.6 and 2.7.
  • +Fix error caused by empty file names getting into the file history which
    could cause startup failures.
  • +Fix crash in Find in Directory that could occur due to threaded access to GetTranslation.

Editra 0.7.01 Released

VERSION 0.7.01
DATE 04/23/2012
50th Alpha Release


Update to fix issue with translations.


  • +Fix localizations not loading correctly.

Notice version 0.7.0 (early downloaders)

There was a mishap on the initial upload that was missing a dependency which would lead to the Launch plugin failing to load. This was corrected by reuploading the installers for the Windows and Mac binaries. If you were one of the few that downloaded the package in the short time it was up and cant get Launch to load please re-download the installer and run it again to install the missing dependency.

Sorry for the trouble.

Editra 0.7.0 Released

VERSION 0.7.00
DATE 04/22/2012
49th Alpha Release


This is a stabilization and maintenance release targeting bugs that have been reported over the last several months. Biggest fix is to try to correct some utf-8 handling errors that were observed by some users of the 0.6.99 release. See release notes below for specific changes in this release.

NEW: [features/enhancements]

  • +New version of CodeBrowser plugin (bug fixes for Python, XML, HTML)
  • +New version of Launch (configurable line buffering, bug fixes)
  • +Update all translations with current launchpad.


  • +Fix error that could occur when selecting text in some environments under certain cases.
  • +Fix crash that could occur during shutdown during page load.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when trying to retrieve binary data from clipboard to update clipboard ring.
  • +Fix crash that could happen when replace in selection action finds no matches.
  • +Fix crash that could occur when starting Editra again immediately after closing another running instance due to zombie IPC thread.
  • +Fix crash that could occur in vi emulation due to bad command mapping.
  • +Fix crashes that could occur when loading plugins that throw errors during creation.
  • +Fix crash when system fails to return control reference when print is requested.
  • +Ensure requested locale is available prior to trying to create it.
  • +Fix incorrect line getting deleted by line delete action with some encodings.