General Configuration


   Editra is a general purpose programers text editor. What this means is that like how a word processor helps you to create essays and articles in a quick and efficient manner, Editra will help you to edit and create accurate code. This section of the guide is meant to give a quick overview of configuring Editra to your preferences.

  Editra does its best to automatically setup the environment for the type of document that you are editing. However it things are not to your liking, the editor can be easily configured to your through the Preferences Dialog which saves all settings into your User Profile to be automatically loaded on the next launch of the program.

User Settings and Preference Dialog:

  Nearly every aspect of Editra is configurable to the liking of the end user. The settings can be either configured per session/per document or permanently through the users profile. Editra manages a separate user profile for each user on the system, each users is also able to multiple different profiles to save different configurations to.

  Session settings are all instantly applied to the current working document by selecting the change through one of the menus in the menubar. These changes however do not 'stick', meaning that the next time you restart the program the editor will be configured to the settings set in your profile. So if you wish to make settings changes permanent you need to make the changes in the Preference Dialog.

  The Preference Dialog can be accessed by one of the following methods on Unix/Linux/Windows open the Edit menu and select Preferences from the bottom of the menu. If you are on a Macintosh OS X based system the Preference Dialog can be opened by clicking on Preferences in the Editra Application menu or hitting 'Cmd+,' on the keyboard. This will bring up the Preference Dialog as shown below is how the dialog appears OS X.

Preference Dialog

  This dialog contains all settings that can be permanently saved to be applied on the next program launch. All changes made in this dialog are reflected instantly in the program, with exception of the language settings which require relaunching the program to take affect. So at this point look through the dialog and configure the editor to your likings.