PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) 0.4 released

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PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) 0.4 released

Postby mcarans » Sat Sep 10, 2011 3:29 am


Would like to announce the release of a version 0.4 of plugin "PyStudio" for
Editra that is targeted at Python developers.

In this release, the plugin integrates the following extended
Python development features into Editra.

* Fully integrated Python Debugger - Utilizing same rpdb2 backend as
WinPdb with an all new fully integrated UI.
* Code Analysis - Provides fully integrated code analysis (lint
checking). (Currently supported backend is pylint).
* Python Module locator - search and find python modules on your
system - right click on import statements to open module.
* Syntax error checking on file save
* and more to come

[docs|screenshots] -

This plugin is compatible with Editra 0.6.58 and later.

Existing Python features already in Editra:
* Syntax Highlighting
* Autocompletion and calltips
* Auto-commenting
* launch scripts from within the program (bundled Launch plugin)
* Integrated Python shell (bundled PyShell plugin)

Where to get it:

*) Builtin PluginManager: Tools->PluginManager->Download
*) Manual download:

Version 0.4
Released: 08/30/2011

* Fix for unicode errors when program exits using sys.exit()
* Stop blank expression appearing when breakpoint hit
* Store expressions in OrderedDict to maintain the order the user entered them
* Don't allow same expression to be entered twice
* Store filter regular expressions (for locals, globals...) in config so that they are reloaded
* Allow Enter to be pressed to confirm filter expressions (same as pressing Search button)
* Display breakpoints sorted by filename and line number
* Fix crash when editor emits save message during shutdown
* Make exception trapping work when Variables shelf not open
* Add config to ignore SystemExit when trapping exceptions
* Add partial translations for Greek, Japanese, Latvian, and Russian

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