Load times and Download Speed

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Load times and Download Speed

Postby cody » Mon Jul 23, 2007 4:57 am

I have a fairly poor internet connection and have noticed that the webpage is fairly slow at times. So I recently did a number of optimizations that hopefully helped with this.

1: removed alot of fairly worthless javascript eyecandy/junk
2: cleaned up the css sheets to be smaller
3: optimized some of the images and other graphics.

I have found it helped alot for my connection mostly in the intial time the page is connected to its probably mostly due to removing a large amount of the dojotoolkit code I was using. I might update to version 0.9 soon that is supposed to have alot of performance improvements that should help some more.

For the next release I am going to try and distribute the load of the download over the server for this site and the google code site to help keep the download speeds up a little better, this server gets hit pretty heavy but the google code server is almost idle so it should help quite a bit.
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