Profile and Style Sheet Changes

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Profile and Style Sheet Changes

Postby cody » Sat Jul 21, 2007 3:21 am

The next version of Editra(after 0.1.50) is going to include some major changes to some of the core code and how it behaves. That should be taken note of for anyone who has done some custom work on their installation.

User profiles will be saved in a binary format, which will require changes to be made only through the Preferences Dialog. There are a few reasons for this change.
    1: It will allow for better data preservation and integrity
    2: Read/Write times will be faster and less error prone

The only draw back is that the profiles will no longer be editable as plain text.

Style Sheets
The syntax style sheet specification has received a minor update that will make style sheets that were written using earlier versions of the program obsolete. The change involves how fonts are handled and the acceptable format expressions that are processed by the parser.

The previously acceptable formating expressions for fonts where %(mono), %(helv), %(other), and %(times). The new acceptable expressions are %(primary) and %(secondary). The use of these two expressions in custom style sheets is likely to become an enforced rule in the future to insure that a users preferred fonts are used, but currently the use of a fonts face name is still also permissible instead of a format expression.

So if you have created some custom style sheets that use the previous formatting expressions them it would be wise to change them before loading them into the next release of Editra as they may cause errors.
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