Plans for release after 0.3.38

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Plans for release after 0.3.38

Postby cody » Wed Aug 27, 2008 12:04 am

The next release will have a number of major enhancements.

The main feature will be an entirely new set of text search tools.

1) Find All (in current doc, all open docs, in files)
2) Replace All (in current doc, all open docs, in files)
3) Multiline regex searching/replace
4) Brand new find dialog with more configuration options

Here are some of the other planned goals I have for the next release.

* More custom auto-indent functionality for nearly all supported languages
* Encoding configuration options

Currently all of the new search features except for replace in files are available in svn. Most auto-indenters have also been implemented.

If you are an svn user feel free to give the new features a browse and report any ideas for improvement or bugs you may uncover.

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