PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

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PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby mcarans » Sun May 22, 2011 5:54 pm


Would like to announce the release of a new plugin "PyStudio" for
Editra that is targeted at Python developers.

In its initial release this plugin integrates the following extended
Python development features into Editra.

* Fully integrated Python Debugger - Utilizing same rpdb2 backend as
WinPdb with an all new fully integrated UI.
* Code Analysis - Provides fully integrated code analysis (lint
checking). (Currently supported backend is pylint).
* Python Module locator - search and find python modules on your
system - right click on import statements to open module.
* Syntax error checking on file save
* and more to come

[docs|screenshots] -

This plugin is compatible with Editra 0.6.48 and later.

Existing Python features already in Editra:
* Syntax Highlighting
* Autocompletion and calltips
* Auto-commenting
* launch scripts from within the program (bundled Launch plugin)
* Integrated Python shell (bundled PyShell plugin)

Where to get it:

*) Builtin PluginManager: Tools->PluginManager->Download
*) Manual download:

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Re: PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby abdelouahabb » Sun May 22, 2011 10:38 pm

thank you :)
NB: the link in the homepage is false (containt br balise....)
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Re: PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby mcarans » Thu May 26, 2011 11:23 am

0.2 Released

* Fixes issue with debugger not attaching on Linux/OSX
* Fixes crash in debugger variables display when attr timeout occurs
* Fixes crash in expressions list for un-init profile data
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Re: PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby mojo2012 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 9:47 pm

I really like the PyStudio plugin! Good job so far. Now Editra is getting usable, imho. But there are still some rough edges. I'd really like to see more improvements and hope that someday in the future I can abandon Eclipse with PyDev plugin in favor of Editra (which looks very native on Mac OS X btw, and I like that ;-)).

Improvements I want to see:
* Refactoring support like Eclipse has it: rename all occurances of a variable/class/method name in all project files.
* Adjustable toolbar like Firefox or other programs have it: let me change icon size + text, let me put Run/Debug buttons on the toolbar, or some other useful stuff, like autoformat etc ...
* Add crucial plugins to default install and integrate them better. must-have plugins are: codebrowser, filebrowser, projects and maybe pyshell
* Improve gui layout (at least in mac os): some buttons/comboboxes are not correctly vertically centered. If a panel get's to small, widgets overlay each other, etc ... needs some bug squashing ;-)

So that's enough for the moment ;-)
Keep on guys, I really see a viable alternative to Pydev coming up here ;-)
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Re: PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby mcarans » Mon Jun 27, 2011 10:23 am

It is certainly my hope that this plugin can become a viable alternative to PyDev as I really can't stand the Eclipse GUI. This is what prompted me to start this plugin in the first place.

Thanks for your ideas. We welcome them and we also welcome any programmers who want to contribute to the plugin.
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Re: PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby mcarans » Tue Jul 26, 2011 9:01 am

0.3 Released

* Add indicator icons to PyAnalysis output list
* Fix bug with not being able to debug GUI programs on Linux
* Fix crash that could occur while debugging when plugin is unable to retrieve
* Fix crash when setting configuration (caused by PYSTUDIO_CONFIG: should be PYTOOL_CONFIG)
* Fix conflicting modules crash (MessageDialog needs self.mainwindow not self)
editor instance from main application
* Fix crash when switching between variables subshelves when not debugging
* Remove quotes around pylintrc file that stopped it being recognized
* Clear expression values when Go button pressed
* Only evaluate expressions when debugger is broken to prevent "Debuggee has to be waiting at a breakpoint to complete this command" dialog
* Add refresh button to Expressions shelf for use when pausing wx apps
* Adding a new expression "checks" the check box
* Right click on pyVariable tree item to add a variable to pyExpression
* Type column added to pyExpression
* Fix crash that could occur in compile check during file save.
* Add filtering of variables by regular expression
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Re: PyStudio plugin (Python IDE) released

Postby mcarans » Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:38 am

Version 0.4
Released: 08/30/2011

* Fix for unicode errors when program exits using sys.exit()
* Stop blank expression appearing when breakpoint hit
* Store expressions in OrderedDict to maintain the order the user entered them
* Don't allow same expression to be entered twice
* Store filter regular expressions (for locals, globals...) in config so that they are reloaded
* Allow Enter to be pressed to confirm filter expressions (same as pressing Search button)
* Display breakpoints sorted by filename and line number
* Fix crash when editor emits save message during shutdown
* Make exception trapping work when Variables shelf not open
* Add config to ignore SystemExit when trapping exceptions
* Add partial translations for Greek, Japanese, Latvian, and Russian
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