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New CodeTemplater plugin

Postby eteq » Thu Feb 11, 2010 12:36 am

Hello all, I'd like to announce the first release of my CodeTemplater plugin (should be appearing in the Plugin Manager now).

The wiki page ( has all the details, but in summary, this plugin lets you quickly and efficiently add code templates that are standalone or based on the currently selected text.

If you've ever been tired of constantly typing "def _getSomething", "_setSomething" and "something = property(_getSomething,_setSomething)", you now never have to do it again!

Includes support for many languages, but right now the only default templates I have implemented are for python (although it's easy to roll your own!). Please post here, message me, or add to the wiki page if you have other template suggestions and I will incorporate them into the default set.

Happy Coding!
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