Default session not saving as expected

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Default session not saving as expected

Postby reksa » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:43 am

Hi Cody,

I just loaded 0.7.08, great work and thankyou!

I'm not sure if this a bug, or a feature request!

I have the 'Load Last Session' preference checked.
The behaviour I'm looking for is to have Editra open up with the same windows opened as were open at the
close of the previous session. This to happen with no need to do an explicit menu save session command.

In 0.7.01 it would occasionally behave this way. But most of the time it would not update the default.session on
exiting. In 0.7.08 updates the default.session only if you do an explicit menu save session command.

I fiddled around with the onClose() function (Line885). If I force the save in the onClose() function it would do the auto save for me.
Code: Select all
    if 1 or _PGET('LAST_SESSION') == mgr.DefaultSession:

How should the default.session work? Is using the menu save session command a requirement for updating the default.session?

I'm running from source on PC's, tried using W7 64bit and XP 64bit, python2.7.3, wxpython2.8


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Re: Default session not saving as expected

Postby cody » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:16 pm


Yes, I came across this yesterday as well. For some reason the LAST_SESSION variable was not getting set after the upgrade so the auto-saving behavior of the default session was not being applied. After manually setting the session to Default in the SessionManager (Ctrl+K) and fiddling around it was reset to the proper value again.

Still investigating why this happened.
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