Document canvas size?

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Document canvas size?

Postby dgktkr » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:37 pm


Editra 0.7.20, OS-X 10.7.5

When a new blank window is created or an existing document is opened, Editra seems to produce a canvas that looks something like 320 character columns wide, judging by the length of the scroll bar at the bottom of the window. In other words, the horizontal extent of the canvas extends way beyond the right edge of the window even if there are no visible or white space characters out there. This is very different from the way the vertical direction is handled; if there are more rows of characters than can be displayed in the window, the canvas is automatically expanded and a scroll bar appears on the right so one can easily navigate the whole document.

What is the reason for the large horizontal canvas size?

Perhaps this normally isn't a problem, but I was thinking maybe it has an influence on the process of splitting the screen between two or more files. To make a left/right screen split happen, one has to drag a second tab way past the midpoint of the window. Would it be more convenient if a user didn't have to drag the tab so far to the right?

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Re: Document canvas size?

Postby cody » Wed Jan 16, 2013 2:46 am

The behavior of the horizontal scroll bar is an implementation detail with the Scintilla text control. There is no way to control its behavior (that I am aware of). I believe it is an optimization so that it does not have to calculate the maximum line width.

If it bugs you the only way I know that you can make it go away by turning on word wrapping mode.

The document area has no influence upon the tab docking framework. This is controlled by the size of the tab container control. It sets the docking hint callbacks when an object is dragged near an edge of the control.
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