This page contains links to binaries and source packages of the current version of Editra. When downloading binaries please be sure to choose the correct version for your Operating System.

Be warned however current versions are put together and provided primarily for testing and feedback purposes. This means that you can and should expect bugs, program crashes, and the potential for other erratic behavior. This warning will be removed once releases enter a stable cycle.


The Windows binary package provides a self extracting installer to install the necessary files onto your system. The installer has been tested on Windows XP, but may work on others as well. To install simply download the installer package and double click on it and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation. If you have a previous version of Editra installed it is highly suggested to uninstall it before installing any new version.

DescriptionDateDownloadFile Size
This package contains the self extracting installer.01/05/2013 editra.win32.0.7.20.exe15.67 MB

Macintosh OS X:

The Macintosh OS X binary package provides a Universal Binary Applet. Download the DMG file and extract the contents to your Application Folder to install. This binary has been built and tested for OS X 10.4/10.5.

DescriptionDateDownloadFile Size
This package consists of a dmg disk image containing a Mac OS X Universal Applet01/05/2013 Editra-0.7.20.dmg21.59 MB


Most linux disto's have packages available in their package managers. Editra is also included with wxPython. If the latest release is not available in a Linux package manager near you and wish to install the latest release download the source package and run the setup script to install from source. If upgrading from a previously installed version it is suggested to uninstall the older version before installing the new one to avoid any possibility of conflicts.

    python install

Arch Linux

Packages for the svn version of Editra are available with the following command

    yaourt -S editra-svn


Packages for latest release version are available in the Gentoo portage tree.

    emerge editra

Source Code:

The source package is a snapshot of the source code that is used to run the program for all systems. The following dependancies must be met in order to run the source scripts.

DescriptionDateDownloadFile Size
This package contains all the source code for the program01/05/2013 Editra-0.7.20.tar.gz3.88 MB

Latest Sources:

Alternatively you may checkout the latest sources from the repository, by using SVN and the following command.

svn checkout Editra

Dependencies for Latest Code