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Editra::src::eclib::pstatbar Namespace Reference


class  ProgressStatusBar
 Custom StatusBar with a built-in progress bar. More...


string __author__ = "Cody Precord <cprecord@editra.org>"
 Editra Control Library: ProgressStatusBar.
string __svnid__ = "$Id: pstatbar.py 66840 2011-02-03 21:05:28Z CJP $"
string __revision__ = "$Revision: 66840 $"
list __all__ = ["ProgressStatusBar",]

Variable Documentation

list __all__ = ["ProgressStatusBar",]
string __author__ = "Cody Precord <cprecord@editra.org>"

Editra Control Library: ProgressStatusBar.

Custom StatusBar that has a builtin progress gauge to indicate busy status and progress of long running tasks in a window.

The Progress Gauge is only shown when it is active. When shown it is shown in the far rightmost field of the StatusBar. The size of the progress Guage is also determined by the size of the right most field.When created the StatusBar will creates two fields by default, field 0 is expanding, field 1 is set as a small fixed field on the right. To change this behavior simply call SetFields after creating the bar to change it.

string __revision__ = "$Revision: 66840 $"
string __svnid__ = "$Id: pstatbar.py 66840 2011-02-03 21:05:28Z CJP $"
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