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Editra is a multi-platform text editor with an implementation that focuses on creating an easy to use interface and features that aid in code development. Currently it supports syntax highlighting and variety of other useful features for over 60 programming languages.

Editra provides a rich API for supporting 3rd party plugins and extensions. This manual is meant to serve as a guide for interfacing with Editra. It includes a comprehensive guide to all internal components as well as a collection of examples and how-tos for using common interfaces.

Setting up a Development Environment

Required Software

Get Editra Source

svn checkout http://svn.wxwidgets.org/svn/wx/wxPython/3rdParty/Editra Editra

Get Editra Plugins Project

Checkout the Editra-Plugins project source tree under the plugins directory of the Editra source tree.

svn checkout http://editra-plugins.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ editra-plugins

Add Plugins directory to PYTHONPATH

To work on plugins in development mode the Editra plugins directory needs to be on your PYTHONPATH environment variable. This will allow you to create a link using setuptools so that it is not necessary to build the plugin before testing.


Add the following line to your Bash rc file or similar.

export PYTHONPATH="$PYTHONPATH:/path/to/Editra/plugins"


Create or modify the PYTHONPATH environmental variable in the Control Panel and add the path to where the plugins directory in the Editra source tree.

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