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ed_theme.py File Reference


class  Editra.src.ed_theme.ThemeI
 Interface for defining an icon theme in Editra When a icon theme is active Editra's ArtProvider will ask the active theme that implements this interface to give it a bitmap. More...
class  Editra.src.ed_theme.BitmapProvider
 Plugin that fetches requested icons from the current active theme. More...
class  Editra.src.ed_theme.TangoTheme
 Represents the Tango Icon theme for Editra. More...


package  Editra.src.ed_theme


string Editra::src::ed_theme.__author__ = "Cody Precord <cprecord@editra.org>"
 Name: ed_theme.py # Purpose: Icon theme management for Editra # Author: Cody Precord <cprecord@editra.org> # Copyright: (c) 2007 Cody Precord <staff@editra.org> # License: wxWindows License #.
string Editra::src::ed_theme.__svnid__ = "$Id: ed_theme.py 69346 2011-10-09 17:22:09Z CJP $"
string Editra::src::ed_theme.__revision__ = "$Revision: 69346 $"
dictionary Editra::src::ed_theme.ART
dictionary Editra::src::ed_theme.MIME_ART
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