CodeBrowser Plugin


The CodeBrowser plugin is a plugin that is bundled with Editra that provides an overview of the structure of the file that is being edited in the current buffer. It parses the file and finds significant structures, object definitions, and groups them accordingly into a tree structure. Double clicking on an item in the CodeBrowser view will instantly navigate the cursor to where that item is defined.

Supported File Types

Included below is the list of currently supported file types and what kind of definitions and structures it supports displaying for each.

  • Ada (Procedure Definitions)
  • C (Functions, Macros)
  • C++ (Classes, Methods, Functions, Macros) *
  • Cascading Style Sheets (Global Classes, Global Identities)
  • Configuration Files (ini) (sections, keys)
  • D (Classes, Methods, Functions) *
  • Dos Batch Scripts (Labels)
  • Editra Style Sheets (Style Tags Definitions)
  • Ferite (Namespaces, Classes, Class Methods, Protocols, Functions)
  • Fortran (Programs, Subroutines, Functions)
  • haXe (Classes, Class Methods, Class Variables, Functions)
  • Inno Setup Scripts (Sections, Procedures, Functions, Defines)
  • Lisp (Function Definitions)
  • Lua (Function Definitions)
  • MatLab (Functions)
  • Nullsoft Installer Scripts (Defines, Functions, Sections)
  • Octave (Functions)
  • Perl (Packages, Subroutine Declarations, Subroutine Definitions)
  • Php (Classes, Class Variables, Class Methods, Functions)
  • PL/Sql (Packages, Functions, Procedures)
  • Python (Classes, Class/Global Variables, Function Definitions)
  • Ruby (Classes, Modules, Functions, Methods)
  • Scheme (Functions)
  • Shell Scripts - Bash/C-Shell/Korn Shell (Function Definitions)
  • Sql (Packages, Functions, Procedures)
  • System Verilog (Classes, Tasks)
  • Tcl/Tk (Procedure Definitions)
  • Verilog (Tasks)
* denotes that the support is currently experimental