Issue Tracker(s)

If you think you have found a bug, want to request a feature, or noticed something else worth noting while using Editra please feel free to report it in the bug tracker. Because I can't fix or implement it if I don't know about it.

This project is currently using two different bug trackers. Please read the descriptions below to help choose the right one.

Editra Bug Tracker

This tracker is for the main core portion of Editra. Most items will go here, If are reporting an issue or requesting a feature in Editra or any of the bundled plugins (CodeBrowser, FileBrowser, Launch, PyShell), please report them here.

Main Bug Tracker

Editra Plugins Bug Tracker

This tracker is for the extra addons that come out of the Editra Plugins project and are made available through the Plugin Manager. Report any issues or feature requests for these items here.

Editra Plugin Bug Tracker