Basic Commands

Key Commands:

  Here is a listing of the common keyboard driven commands available in the editor. Most of these commands can also be accessed either through menus or the toolbar. The table in the next section covers non-key based commands/utilities.

Note to users of OSX. All commands use the Command/Apple Key instead of Ctrl
Command Name Command Description Keybinding
Add Bookmark Adds a bookmark to current cursor line Ctrl+B
Autocompletion Options Show the list of autocompletion options if any are available. Ctrl+Space
Column Mode Enable column mode editing. Once enabled create an empty vertical selection to start editing the column. Ctrl+Shift+| (pipe)
(Un)Comment Line(s) Comment/Uncomment the selected lines Ctrl+1
Copy Copy the currently selected text to the clipboard Ctrl+C
Copy Line Copy the contents of cursors current line to the clipboard Ctrl+Y
Cut Cut the currently selected text from the document to the clipboard Ctrl+X
Cut Line Cut the contents of cursors current line from the document to the clipboard Ctrl+D
Duplicate Line Duplicate the line that the caret is currently on Shift+Ctrl+C
Editor Command Open Command Mode bar for sending command messages to editor Ctrl+E
Enumerate Pages List all open tabs and change focus to selected page. Ctrl+Tab
Expand All Expand all children nodes of the clicked on node Shift+Click
Extend Selection Start or extend an existing selection. Shift+Arrow Key(s)
Find Open the standalone Find Dialog Ctrl+Shift+F
Find/Replace Open the standalone Find Replace Dialog Ctrl+R
Find Previous Jump to the previous match of the current search. Shift+F3 (Windows/Linux), Cmd+Shift+G (Mac)
Find Next Jump to the next match of the current search. F3 (Windows/Linux), Cmd+G (Mac)
Fold All Fold All nodes in the buffer Alt+Shift+Click
Goto Line Opens the built in goto line control. Jumps the cursor to the beginning a given line number. Ctrl+G
Goto Matching Brace If caret is next to a brace jump to its matching one Ctrl+Shift+B
Indent Line(s) Indent the selected line(s). If more than one line is selected the whole block is indented. Tab
Join Line(s) Joins the selected line onto a single line. Ctrl+J
Keyword Helper When enabled will bring up a list of available keywords for use in the current document. Ctrl+K
Maximize Editor Toggle the maximize state of the editor portion of the window. Alt+M
New Opens a new document in an new page. Ctrl+N
Next Bookmark Jumps the cursor to the next bookmarked line. Alt+-->
New Line After Add a new line after the current line and move cursor to it. Ctrl+L
New Line Before Add a new line before the current line and move cursor to it Ctrl+Shift+L
New Window Open a new editor window Ctrl+Shift+N
Open Open an existing document in a new page. Ctrl+O
Page Setup Configure the printer. Ctrl+Shift+P
Pane Navigator Jump to different sub panels of the Editra MainWindow. Alt+1 (Windows/Linux), Alt+Tab (Mac)
Paste Paste text from the clipboard into the document before the cursor. Ctrl+V
Paste After Paste text from the clipboard into the document after the cursor. Ctrl+Shift+V
Print Send the current document to the printer. Ctrl+P
Previous Bookmark Jumps the cursor to the previous bookmarked line. Alt+<--
Quick Find Opens the builtin search bar. Ctrl+F
Rectangular Selection Select text in a given rectangle instead of a stream of characters Hold Alt while making selection
Redo Redo the last undo action. Ctrl+Shift+Z
Remove Bookmark Removes a bookmark from the current line. Ctrl+Shift+B
Save Save the current document. Ctrl+S
Save As Save the current document using a new name. Ctrl+Shift+S
Select All Selects all text in the document. Ctrl+A
Soft Tabs Toggle usage of spaces or tab characters for indentation Shift+Ctrl+I
Toggle Folds Recursively Toggle all children nodes of the clicked on node Alt+Click
Transpose Line Switches the current line with the previous one. Ctrl+T
Undo Undo previous commands. Ctrl+Z
Unindent Line(s) Unindents the current line or currently selected lines by one indentation level. Shift+Tab
Use Soft Tabs Toggle between using Tabs or Spaces for indentation Ctrl+Shift+I
Zoom Default Zoom to the default magnification level. Ctrl+0
Zoom In Increase size of all fonts by one point. Ctrl+Shift++
Zoom Out Decrease size of all fonts by one point. Ctrl+-

Mouse Commands:

  The next table describes some of the other useful commands that can be issued to the editor through the menu's or by using the mouse, as well as some of the utilities that are available.

Utility Name Utility Description Access
Add Bookmark Click on left edge of left margin Mouse Context
Auto-Completion Toggle the use of autocompletion in the current document. Settings Menu
Auto-Indent Toggle the use of Auto-Indentation in the current document. Settings Menu
Bracket Highlighting Toggles the highlighting of matched/mismatched brackets and parens on and off. Settings Menu
Close All Close all open notebook pages File Menu
Code Folding Toggles the use of code folding on and off. Settings Menu
Drag and Drop Copy/Paste Select text, click and drag it to where you want and release mouse button to paste. Mouse Context
Drag and Drop Tabs Click and drag the desired tab to a different position. Mouse Context
EOL Mode Convert the end of line characters in the current document to a different format. Format Menu
Font Change the primary font used in the document. Format Menu
Generator Generate various different types of documents from the current page. Tools Menu
Indentation Guides Toggles the visibility of the indentation guides. View Menu
Lexers Change the highlighting mode of the editor to a different language. Settings Menu
Load Profile Load and set your user profile to those of a different profile script. File Menu
Lowercase Convert Selected text to lower case Format Menu
Online Documentation Open webbrowser to Editra's Online Documentation page Help Menu
Perspectives Save and set custom workspace views View Menu
Plugin Manager Configure, download, and install plugins Tools Menu
Remove Bookmark Click on a bookmark in the left margin. Mouse Context
Save All Save all open buffers File Menu
Save Profile Save current settings to a new profile script. File Menu
Show EOL Markers Shows the end of line meta characters in the document view. View Menu
Show Line Numbers Toggle Visibility of line numbers in left margin. View Menu
Spaces to Tabs Convert all spaces to tabs Format Menu
Show Whitespace Toggles the visibility of space and tab characters. View Menu
Style Editor Change or create your own syntax coloring scheme. Tools Menu
Syntax Highlighting Toggles syntax highlighting on and off for current document. Settings Menu
Tabs to Spaces Convert all tabs to the equivilant number of spaces Format Menu
Trim Trailing Whitespace Trim all trailing whitespace from the document Format Menu
Uppercase Convert Selected text to upper case Format Menu